Thursday, December 18, 2003

Another great series MDA .Specially liked all of Happys advancing brilliance lines ( The realist who cares ) Especially his one liner to the young fresh faced lad “ why don’t they understand about immunization – why don’t we go to the papers and give it to them straight about the risk ”
A ---They don’t want to be reasonable mate !”. Not the game there and …….

Not the game here either ……Out here in the bush ....where risks and realities of interference are real too!.

Can we please get some attention from ABC journalists to dig deeper into all the green quackery and associated legal nonsense .....making the same challenge on behalf of competent people in the bush who remain totally unrepresented .

After all there is no MDA for competent risk assessing surgeons of the environment who get cut down daily by the lumbering logomachy of the unencumbered and growing legal ( and often compliant media) and legislative machinery designed to “help” .

Help whom ?