Friday, February 24, 2006

RAGE Letting the children do what they like - What a disgrace the ABC has to run a monocultural drone into the morning = what for? the good of the kids. Can't teh ABC find something different for kids on saturday mornings . You Don't win any points by playing the same old same old they get on radio - in case you haven't noticed , children need and respond to a challenge .
LATELINE friday SO SHALLOW i won't wait around for judith or gerard again . The discussion on Howards success was about as deep as the proverbial birdbath;judith brett having to be propped up by affirmations and explanataions from Ms Mckeew.the left needs all the help it can get .
Most intellent austarialns as opposed to that fictional airy group mentioned by Judith Brett, know that the comfort of conservatives has more to do with coal and other primary exports than anything to do with anti egalitarian policies of busines knows best. The rich get richer and paradoxically the oppostion is nowhere to be seen

& PROTECTIVE OF THE OVER 40's LATELINE finishes with a great graph on the asseet value of the avaerage austrailn . Far more impresive would be the occasional graph on the affordability of family life for people under 30. I won't wait up . As former ABC addicts we watch littel ABC and hours of video we never used to.

ABC CHURCH continues with The glass house pretending to hold a moral discussion with movers and shakers in same vein as the reactionaries might have done 30yrs ago boring. Fringe mentality of the reactionaries evident in the sycophant child questions re US attitudes to us .who cares what they think of us !!!!!

Glass house is at least talking about happens and asks some good questions. Hard on the uS ? a good question at least ---Bur as usual you go nowhere with it. Science you dummies doesn't answer the questions and you only envcourage stilted reactive resaerch buy pretending it does .Keeps it safe and in your conmfort zone . When are you going to discuss teleology , tolerance muslims and religious faiths .You could hardly do a worse job than geraldines (Compass ) predictable droning on safe stuff .SBS do an outstanding job of starting it with father bob - what a hoot !

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

the ABc maybe wanting us to switch to SBS on wedneday nights by forcing on us excessive and goulish, but the 4 corners program on the PPP rhetoric about the sydney tunnel gives the ABC big points sfor good reporting on critical areas of current crap ( watch water industry contracts for example ) .

Monday, February 13, 2006

Never learn much watching ABC Current A (CA)anymore- well esp early in the day/evening . Hosts control the debate to the point of protecting the comfort zone of their ageing and dwindling audiences .Stateline host FRIDAY did'nt even let Feilding make HIS points on RU486 .switching questions and calling in time . well we have no more time either for the ABC CAoldies we seldom watch CA on ABC anymore - so controlled .