Saturday, April 21, 2007

Punching questions -if only

O Brien ( 7:30 report) asked the question of the century , but Chaney didn't really answer it .I wished for a moment that we had Carleton back. Australias bureaucarcies and the change for changes sake merchants need a big bomb under them - noone seems game or competent in their questioning, even when given a good lead like Chaney gave. We don't need change; we need competence and consistency.
Trioli ( lateline ) didn't ask the tough questions of the leader of the Wentworth group , maybe because she is in awe of professors . I used to be too, Virginia , until i worked out in the real world . Be like richard(afternoon in shep ) and doyle - (in a tinnie ) ( 774); Get out in the real world and meet a few experts who haven't got tickets on themselves and who don't cause the people to stumble because they have.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Government guaranteed investment

Every thinking person since the dawn of history knows that good intentions provide the fodder for the greatest waste and disaster .

When ministers of the people play merry careless hell with tax incentives its even worse because they start a drip feed they can't stop .Sure they get results but not ones that put plannattaions where they make the most sense. The market will decide they say hypocritically knowing that tyhe taxincenetives make such discretion unlikely and maybe even uneccsray - they can afford the best land when theu need to use the marginal land .
MIS will be one of those types of investements because it fits the bill of goverenment guaranteed = giuranatedd that by the time the goverenmnet realises the long trem rate of return is sus and all the the smarties ( managers ) who run them , have made their killing,
Thwaites was as keen on the idea as Hawker was and thats the rub - they are only bubs . They did not throw their own money but allowed billions at a rash of rural invetsement that t will do little to reteurn anything like a good return to invetseors in the long term . Good intentions that slash and burn the rural areas where they are now located.

With care these wannause power merchants might have encouraged the david jenkins of this world to add value to their farms . Now we have a hotch potch of monocultures and mediocre products that are unlikely to ever pay for themselves

Pay for themselevs in ways which unlitimately goverenmnets are supposed to manage money.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Listen to earth scientists , not scaremongers

I used to think Foreign Correspeondent checked whether they were running hype instead of real reporting. I won't watch it as much now knowing its wastes listeneres time by not listening close enough when they go visisting islands overseas . supporting sensstaionalist trivailiazation and plain ignoring of tentonic activiy on the pacific faults . The flooding or sinking of islands is all down to global panic indeed. The big picture of the pacific islands and risk out there was not mentioned , neither was the risk term pretensioning.

I'm sure the Solomon Islanders this week wished reporters spent their time supporting effective warning systems about known and real risks rather than looking for evidence of dangerous and man induced global underwatering which they themselves are in no position to sort-- fact from fear, big picture from mere fact .