Monday, November 05, 2007

What do Landline and The Abbey have in common ?

---Both in cloisters-one group just doesn't recognise it
Political discussions affecting farmers are all around the subject, but not on it . The terrible tragedy for rural producers is that noone on LANDLINE (ABCTV) yesterday ( even the reporters on Landline) was aware that they MUST get beyond the uneccesary and relentless pressure of dumb simplicities ----to what really threatens farmers interests. The topics were short term , drawn from the panic pressure agents. Droughts and abuse of animals will come and go, but idealists ( vegans, guilt projection and exploitation of the weak ) will go on forever .

By the time these limited vision myopic distracted conversations are over , the too hard basket of middle ground on sustainability discussions ( and their abuse in driving idealist causes )will again be avoided.

The Nationals ( and the Libs ) would do well to go into retreat for 33 days just to see whether they are truly radical disciples of a living liberalism: are really supporting sound science on sustainability (look at the way the fed waste money on the bleeding wasteful) Are the conervatives just retreating to some dated old and familiar rickety structures- defenders of some form not substance that only vaguely resembles reality - suffering with age the dangers of tired and inadequate institutional and religious constraints.
Where is the living faith of liberalism, or is it NOW just the dead face of opportunism and greed ?
Farmers , (like markets) , aren't perfect, and its only a matter of time before the Nationals policy of " pretending they are perfect", calls the Parties relevance to truth telling on the tough questions of sustainability into question .
Farmers need friends who can face the truth ---not more fantasy or holy huddles and ignorance ( see below) or even worse, the recognition by the opposition that the whole story is not being told and that " you are hiding something" . There isa way out for rural communities and its not one the nationals are putting wheels under ! Beware those force motion and who don't really care that there is some middle ground and sound science to build on .