Thursday, November 06, 2008

The challenge from the scrapheap

What's new ? Well we hope the ABc catch on before its too late - before the news team and there same old same old view of other people's stories gets the axe .Many of us clearly have been looking to find something far better and more real in the way of reporting between 6:30 and 8pm for years! Reality TV--- we can't get enough of it . As for reporteres telling us what the reported are supposed to have said - we have had enough!!!
Hiden from view too is some of the good stuff . Good things can come from unexpected and unpredictable places and are not all are secular in origin .eg The Junkyard of industry and the junkyard of progressive ideas?

Take the huge bit of gobsmack for the elite churchmen of our time ? >" How do churchmen ( of the very old kind) like Rudd and Obama get to run things??"" I thought we had ditched all that religiuos stuff and were progressive Believe me, when it comes to understanding, especially in crisis of faith times for secularists like these, its either you believe in democracy ( wisdom of the people) or you believe in aristocracy( the dumbness outside my own church) ( so what choice did you make ? --manne and hichins ( ontony's segment )are too lonely a pair of figures to be hiding behind at times like these -- are their profiles really ones of worth, or are they just joining the big badbogemen brigade to hide their hurt over the sacredness of the secular being ignored - yet agin??

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Why waste time watching ABC News etc?

Obamas victory speech . Unreported !
Why waste time watching the ABC NEWS? They struggle to find a good story ( cf SBS)and they manage to miss reporting the story on this day of all days - Nixon and Brumby got the time Obama should have got - and for why - she's leaving!!!!How long to give the highlights (Obama's speech was only 14 minutes long and we had to go to America to get it!)

I'm embarrased to be Australian when our media men cringe in cynicsm at raw emotion. Why don't they do their job TOO and stay out of the picture!

I spent an hour waiting to hear the key bits of an emotional speech of a brave man
attempting to lead the most powerful country in the world and all I heard was the word "emotional"( several times infact) . Simkin said the obvious and Kerry , while choosing a competent commentator ) takes time to talk to the treasurer - as always riveting reworking of very little ! Kerry couldn't find a less convincing conversationalist than Smith and he does it tonight - Kerry-- how out of touch !

Mark Scott - Sack/ sideline the ABCnews producers/ editors before they make the ABC totally irrelevant in the new age of .......( why would we tell you what the answer is, till you recognise the need . )

I do not want to hear others telling anothers story .Esp this one !
In future I will tune in to SBS and find something else to watch between 6:30 and 8pm .There must be heaps wanting to AVOID THE OVERLY CYNICAL AND UMOVABLE CONTROLLERS WHO PUT THEIR OWN SPIN ON EVERYONE ELSE'S STORY - people who talk up reporting BUT DO NOT tell us what the newsmakers SAY and waste our time telling us what they think. We already know what you think -tis not news and its certainly not worth 90 -120 minutes of our evenings !

"Out of time" - in real time -this time ---our time ?