Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sledging is not a problem at the ABC

Except at some of your late night parties. Why does ABC management think its good to put them to air ?QANDA
Tony's attempt to embarrass the outsider to his well controlled party lineup backfired; The other guests enjoyed the freedom of an honest discussion too much and the required level of "sophistication "( Lindsays new cover word )was not shown by the host. Exploring rumor and innuendo using Barnaby honesty left Australians in no doubt about the hosts qualification for office , as well as how little hard ammunition the left have to play with .
Barnaby's succinct and competent explanation of just how any decent treasurer would review foreign investment blew away the shallow window dressing and small talk that too closely interested Mr Jones. Tony's failure to recognize the answer as "a good one" wasn't missed by many in the Australian audience, I am sure . Every body gets nicely dressed up for this ABCchurch publicity series but the cloth is getting a bit frayed at the edges .
Maybe the men at the party needed a bit of a reality check too as the women directed traffic to the hidden issues of the day . Pushy people are being allowed to push their agendas into our homes men - so where are the men in charge ?( thinking up sophisticated answers that include include "inclined to see this as pretty appalling" )
I saw a man behaving like a mouse on the TV tonight . A father who quoted the opinion of a 15YO's as authorative - his own 15YO. Lindsay claims to lead the households of the country but is he up to it? ( http://ecomia.blogspot.com ). Melinda Tankard Reist was onto something melinda points to the noisy in charge problem at the bottom but was their a problem with the childrenincharge at the top?

The positions of the parties were made clear - Labor let's everyone do what they like, so these non governors have no choice but to let the economy and the moral life of the country run itself . From the $900 gift to letting our daughters fall for crap . The people are sick of sophisticated excuses for not treading on people's rights!
Please , you silent ones out there -speak up!
Melinda also made the point that not enough is being done to prevent the selling of prostitution paradigms to children . Like Polpot and Idi Amin the "natural instincts" of men are used by the unscrupulous to motivate the innocent. Where was the chief dad who cared enough to agnowledge that the unscrupulous outside the home, now use the natural instinct argument to provide a natural excuse for the innocent rebellious teenager who has more hormone control than mind or experience control to guide them .Someone lost their tongue or their ability to use it

Whats stopping us acting - fear of acting like ogres ( i am sure the parents on the panel knew every well that was part of the job - at least at home)
Whose problem is the lack of awareness?- our daughters or the woosy fathers who allow only the women to act like ogres ?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tony Jones late night parties are a scream

Thanks for letting Joe Hockey show up the shallow and pathetic focus of those who think they know something about numbers .The program was clearly good promotion of the Opposition, and as Joe says - the people will hopefully see past the mud slinging . Shocking waste of time is Lateline and Jones

Thursday, February 04, 2010

ABCTV -does it follow or lead?

7:30 report on Lord M tour
Typically The ABc were so busy finding fault with the oppositions campaign that they failed to make a dent in the really big question
Why all the interest in Lord M ?

is it That we don't trust polys ? that we don't trust the ABC?
That ABC/ left still have a cringe mentality when it comes to taking seriuosly our own experts .( after all the biggest credibility crunch on ETS was over the way the left fell for some american politician and businessman .

The young bucks from the talk the talk tax shelters were right in what they said but they didn't answer 1 decent question ( conspiracy theories are for the birds ?)Paid to talk the talk cummon! - : Lord M answered quite a few ( well done ABC).

The answer is complex, but one thing is for sure - the ABC is not giving its audience something to think about, so they have to get out of their chairs to find someone who does !