Monday, May 24, 2010

Outsiders and Insiders on Quanda

It would be interesting to know , as it always is in human dilemma discussions( brief health and education care discussions)  what J R Saul and Lionel ( Outsiders on the left from the Americas)  would say about Australains all on the right. What do they really think ? How well are we Aussies are ready for the future .
The great Australian stupor . I have no doubt they would say -you have much that you can be proud of - but do you appreciate it ?

The guests all seemed to share one great concern;
Why is Labor so inept and why do left thinking people retreat to "concerns about the truth" ( that woman over there named Dorothy)  when such reactionary pedantry clearly pushes them back into kindergarten class.  
WE've gone soft on the disciplines of learning and thinking.That was the big issue and like the big issues do on Qaunda it gets lost in tonys desire to move on ---as if questions can be answered in just a few moments .
While Tonys contributions were some of his best ,the prgram needs an alternate leader. Bout time someone else had a go, just so the very talk about knowing  people "being cut off "( SAUL's concern)  doesn't apply to the ABC directly . If the ABC can't do something about that,  its credibility on truth is at stake .Audiences would be surprised at how much further we would get after an hour - rather than the wanderings now too common .