Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Lateline - 21 Oct Lots news covered vadequately. Was worth waiting up for the critical issue of complacency amongst the liberals . Good on greg for having a go, but absolutely noone is getting any points for well aimed arrows at where the left and right are ,at the moment .
Needed a more potent observer --- polys aren't the best for self evaluation .the q's were good but to really shake the overly comfortable tree takes more than the overly reactionary , skipping over the critical issue of what "conservative" and "care' means in post modern context .gregs mesmorizing sycophantry? -worrying about closed doors, Why worry when can all talk on blogger ; we don't need to rely on polys talk for wisdom eh?. The libs closed door stratgey is quick fix but who cares - covers up the little thats happening there sometimes. We all know that stick and carrot questions go the heart of widespread confusion across all parties about > more from medicoes too ----would be good Too much talk and quickfix action over "big picture" when real stuff of politics is not stuffing up individuals workroles with new quick fix agendas.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

The Fat-30sept-10pm

Great show, except for a few who can' t get off the bottomline.
We want more of the standalones (tony,becka,peter,turf .and guests) and those foils who actually" talk back" to the court - not to themselves . . Full marks to your regulars for their honesty and good humor each week incl sam .