Friday, July 21, 2017

Headship - another distracted hunt for causes ?

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and what we can do about it    ABCTV July 2017

I never like arguments that use exceptions to try to break the rule - this is the sort of time wasting sub science nonsense we often get from the naysayers and cynics all around us and that  the ABC specialize in . In these matters they often talk science but don't do science 

While I am all for reviews of what causes DV I am against much hunting down in exceptional causes . So I am cynical of what single Julia Baird  is doing here- was her dad in charge of the house for example?  Lets be practical and political( how the disease affects MOST people)  here too

I think most people and reasonably successful  families ( I can't claim perfection ) support overall the idea of headship in families ( don't be too shocked )

Time for a reassessment people . A single woman running a simple old line against headship that hasn't provided a working alternative .Cummon tell me!
 Most thinking Muslim women have no problem with headship. Western Women are converting to be under headship. Reality therapy required? Real causes analysis required .

While you lovely strong women are rightly afraid of the male pulling this trick  when it suits him , do you want the little boy to go absent on you ? Is there a better way to keep order in the house ? ( I think its possible that headship arguments can and have gone to our XY heads  so I don't claim its perfect - just the most reasonable and workable arrangement on the surface.)
It's not a perfect choice,  but is it the better of the options available?  Would you XX's prefer if  Paul said "husbands obey your wives"  or alternatively said "you must in submission to each other" ( the big picture command that's clearly dominant in Paul's writings about marriage ) decide each dispute on its merits. Really ? 
W e must ,unlike what Julia has done by focusing on exceptions,   remember Paul himself was dealing with exceptions and difficulties when he reminded them of the bottom line . We must see every problem in its context and stop trying to solve every one by rule alone  -DV is very widespread and one main  key driver to its growth is IMO poor anger management.  see other links .

Context for the command : These were strong wonderful women who had come to see that they had unmet leadership ambitions in their relationships with men and their world. Paul says to my mind . The rule is not perfect but it works to have one who thinks and appears to be in charge . Use your brains ( you now know this )  in relationships.  Its not all about brute power ( Romans 12) Use your renewed minds to get things done.
Think more broadly for your own safety . With this shallow One cause and One effect logic about one correlation there is a risk you will ignore other good reasons for the rule .
Take the critical questions of order and objectivity  Take the way we rune
meetings . We appoint a head . by having a head doesn't neccesarily mean he /she rules.
For your own safety dont play pedant here .

Why would not good order try to not bring some objectivity from outside when it on his mind and not yours ?( or vice versa you tell him cause " he thinks he;s responsible"

the rule context is about order and getting somewhere more  easily before the day ends as  neither party are perfect in understanding or appreciation. Two minds are better than one and this is proven way to encourage respect and efficiency in listening and decisionmaking . 

If you have to have a choice ( I think this is critical) is it better in your experience if the boy thinks he is in charge?
Is he better present and heard than absent because in  a fair fight (eg  when their are no children) we males all know who usually wins.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and what we can do about it
I too am concerned about the growing incidence of domestic violence in families but this chasing after exceptions to find causes is going to distracting and unproductive . The evidence that church teaching is not helping is against the evidence.At least when they go to church and hear peoples situation is not so easily " covered up" ( that i unconvincing suggestion from left field) When did you last seek to intervene in someones elses domestic tensions? Maybe you talked about them but just because you are leader does it mean you " covered the issues up".

A better and more concise summary of the context of male abuse of the privelege was given here .

There is obviously a lot more to talk about  about the paradoxes in marriage and familiy , Drivers and deliberations  Feedback welcome 

As a highly reactionary cynical and sub scientific family the ABC keep making basic context mistakes when seeking to promote change as the source of all that is good .
 ( note most thinking Muslim women have no problem with headship  so is the ABC's sense of  consensus really highlighting increasing confusion in their ranks about what works .Maybe the reactionaries have thrown something good out with the bathwater 
While we are a long way from convincing the fearful women in our community who have grown up with ABC fear that headship can be good . Julia Baird's long winded wanderings on when it can be bad highlight how much lack of focus on real problems the ABC has.  

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Towards a more realistic view of politics- Go girls

Annabelle Crabbe's view of politicians comes as close as any I know to one of realism ."They are mad"  she rightly says to Julia in their most welcome frame of "home" visits.
If we too are not to go mad , we need some relief from their  madness - but how , when most of the ABC take them so seriously ?  
I can see both of them running the old "coming out show" - feisty is good if it brings out better , feisty is at least a way of upsetting the PC ,  get beyond the crap. To be practical NOT political 

Q and A is so symbolic of this PC stupidity - why would  we get answers from polys ?
The reality is that as our forefathers knew, nothing is as it seems on the surface. If you are not to drown in the shit ,you need a way to stay on top of it,  To know where to find a good story - and avoid  the drowning cynicism of those who don't sort out the evil elements. The faith that the left or the right really know what they are doing is a false faith !
 Its taken a while for ABC to realize that Australian story, Back roads  One 2 one and these Home visit frames should have been used for years to give viewers  a solid view away from the pathetic simplicity of the political world .
The country is a different culture and little has been done to break through and understand it - Does anyone really want to know that there are people out there who are happy living with less and living with the disciplines of real risk management.
The same is true of the important subcultures of church, business, health and real planning and environment care. The very real drama and resolution that's out there has been largely ignored.

If ABC employed more people who were actually interested in people ( like those 2) the deeper drama of conflicts in the above area we would have much more that is worthwatching  on TV
The ABC could have had by now the bones for good drama based on real contests ; a much needed real life view that would have outclassed and out sold the equally out of touch  Crawford house productions .
 Great that the ABC has uncovered a few like M&S , Utopia , The Slap , Frontline ,

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Go Girls

You would think the men on Q&A last night were on drugs. Soft drugs ?Is it  only when men are weak that women have to take over ?? The women on the show were running around the  men with intellectual rigor and passion to inspire even the most tardy of male church members.
Unbelievably the program was supposed to be about strong men (Trump),
Sadly  it was Premier Andrews and his young mate from the USA who tiresomely trotted out the very bland repeats of political correctness that have so annoyed the doing people of the US . Yes we will get more Trumps here because we have such dumb soft and PC leaders here . Emperors wearing more taxes ( and court martials for deniers) as clothes!

The very unworthy spokesman for the ultimate salvation of the earth could not even say Kirabati let alone recognise it as a non-starter in his very careless and sus list of terrors from not closing down all a carbon use and putting climate deniers in jail .
If arrogant progressives ( who try to tell US scientists what’s true!) want more credibility they better listen to scientists,  not try and quote the king hit makers in the collection that they choose ( but strangely don’t appear on their stage)
The debate was supposed to be about whether we could get Trump type characters here .
Well One thing is certain ---from tonight’s entertainment package -- we have the losing side in those two men standing before us . Trump is not admired for much, but at least he is no puppet!

The sentimentalist Andrews talks about evil and wicked without having any idea of how to deal with such things. He is not even aware that his government in their wisdom are still desperately  trying to play God and parent with the people , when few of his ministers would be trusted with anyone’s children.
Such is that pacts reactive incompetence that,  in their never ending chase to stop one car from killing people , they manage to allow another to kill more. ( Streets of Melbourne a few weeks ago)

They have excelled themselves in creating emergency management empires like their own . Wisdom about prevention, fires , flood  landslides and other disasters they do not have and have not had time for . As always,  the ultimate reactionaries .
Andrews  worry brigade,  in their attempts to play God have made water and forced the public to pay for their dumb dreams of a renewable led solar pact .  In failing to plan for base load like SA Daniel is complicit in forcing the closure of one of Victories biggest export income sources and will be remembered for nothing but fine words and playing puppet to others
And where have the eager ABC reporters been when all these scoops were emerging ? Its no wonder the audience get no/half truth while Tony moves on anyone who might hijack the PC – not truth but popularity is the dream of many leading in that church.
Who in those hallowed halls has been watching while sound and well trained professionals leave the public service for the better paying but  less responsible world of the drip feed .

And what will redeem the ABC form being totally complicit in letting the sentimentalists and worry warriors take over in Victoria and Australia ? so much for a clever country ABC

Well a return to reporting would help and hearing those two women rebut the shallow sentimental stuff from the men was just enough to make any hardy anti-feminist cheer. Go girls! 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Objectionable ABC - Marks Scotts legacy

Mark Scott will leave the ABCTV with what ?
  1. A lot of reporters whose snide and snickering stuff is evident to those outside, but not to those inside the hive . Not all reporters thankfully;   A few  can have fun with images without trying to hang them permanently on particular people.  You know who you are,
  2. A lot of inexperienced ( real life)( self referencing bunch of same same old script writers who with Film Vic etc are funding their own limited world views and experiences ,( makes them awfully dull and predictable - eg on radicalization and how it happens )

     Just quietly destroying the opportunity for really creative script writers and techs to give all our good actors a place in history .    
  3. Do some training or get some disciplined reporters esp on your news presented friendly
    -Richard Davies this morning used the expression "ridiculous comment ": this morning in his long interview with a reporter reporting on a report about a report about some hard done by lot . The tears weren't flowing , but the victim sympathy stuff was showing and almost glowing  , The fact that our ABC spent several minutes trying to read the entrails of a captured cat was not the worst piece of incompetence in the piece . As if we don't know that we are to stand up and clap whenever some sex group is  found to be hard done back . Get real-- playing up to " poor victim "is for those lost in the  toxic cult of sentimentality.
  4. Stay distant and objective Get some training or get some experienced older reporters to lead , N ews delivered friendly is dangerous because you can show your preference s so easily  .More  Kerry O Brien and avoid controversial guests on the couch - you ain't that good that you can nail them.
    I can just see you with Trump on the couch. You are not that good , Yes you ask dumb questions . If you thought about it you would know that you get smart answers back . they win we lose . 
  5. Incompetence in interviewing . There are no dumb question just as Richard Davies has no right to label any comments as "ridiculous" = tacit support for the cause  . If someone says something that doesn't make sense, respond with a correction or a question or nothing ( let the author speak and shut up yourself )  .No second hand diversions however popular you think they may be.   Some of your reporters do not take their  responsibilities seriously ( If you want to deal with controversial news , direct it elsewhere.  The Project are ahead of you on that because they cover  more with less and link into internet more effectively ) 
  6. The age and cynicism of your leadership is showing . Try to leave it at home ; that way your leadership stays relaxed ( if innocuous about controversial news )  Wars on everything and constant cynicism  we need like a vacation in hell . 
  7. By trying  to be popular , you are alienating thinking people and becoming irrelevant- we get our news elsewhere , 
  8. Content is skewed and predictable -------replace the offending producers!  Its been same for years esp on weekends
    -- telling us someone is going to trial is NOT news nor should it be if its the same case that was on last week
    -- We are constantly hearing about so called sex crimes by same old same old significant others , This is not " Its not me , its them "show - clearly you don't know the wise audience question on this "takes one to know one?  "Gotcha 
  9.  If I hear another sad story about a member of the Christian church going wrong I'll switch off permanently ( i am switching off a lot )There are lots of great consistent people in there and they are sick of the bleating bellowing and preaching from the abc pulpit - esp at our expense Not much talk of the Islamist school who spent money really badly recently
  10. Deterministic rationalists who love science but don't know it and its limits -  employ experienced scientists who know the edges ; And run your own church like all other people have to  
  11. Book club is symbolic - great idea but same leaders for eons and you have your own recipe for ho hum skew and predictability - we know you try to be innovative. but you set the scene SOSO
  12.  All comes down to an era of eating up the good capital of the organisations once much higher reputation and a  drift of the thinking audience to other sources like net and dare i say it news done differently.     
  13. Producers must be accountable for WHO they put on

    eg  JOYCE 
    Take the way they treat Politicians they don't like People like Chris Uhlmann fill up their intros with innuendo and unacceptable imagery, but not all do Barnaby Joyces sometimes brilliant but sometimes wacky analogies need no extras
    Time has come for ABC management to grow up , rid itself of wasps, sentimentalists, reactionaries. and Stop warring against everything from the past , Let those like Einstein, who see one hundred years ahead of time , have a voice.
    Voice s , not of speculation but competence and experience  Unlike the reporters who are more interested in the ethereal doctrines of " how it will go down, " Barnaby is a straight shooter who we trust will take advice which puts him in the top ten . ABC is only getting better for the dead end Machiavellians and their strange end games Thank and Praise God , Barnabys not a Trump - a trumped up parrot ; that popular person who often leads the sheep in any culture. Barnaby's desperately needed to provide some balance and he will not be afraid to speak up even when its not popular - who else does that ? you didn't like his comments about where Labor is at the moment - we did !
    The focus of the media on the peculiar bits is desperate, pathetic and wrong . The explanation of the 8th commandment says in relation to talking about others in public (witness)- put the best construction on everything.if anyone should be hung out to dry its the reporters and their constant slurring and snide . The reality is the holy communion inside love to think they care about the environment but they have yet to show ( in programming punch-- Landline is NOT enough- its written to put positive spin on everything )they respect those who do .

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tony just doesn't get it . The disease is widespread at the ABC

Professor John Passmore, in a series of Boyer lectures in the 1980's pointed out something the dumbing down class at the ABC still don't get . "Politicians don't really know the answers to complex problems but they are afraid to admit it".   .
The ABC not only don't know the answers or the reason asking "why"is no guarantee of any decent A's  but they don't often even know who to ask .   Australian story is an exception . The excellent report on 7:30 re sports and physical  science ambitions last night exceptional also .-- outside authors featured.

The Islamic chaplain knew it was complex but no
one else took the brief- answers have to be short and sweet at the ABC . Bandt was at home with that -- "more money from government will fix everything and they way - ban chaplains - they propagate ideas "( not his ideas on what to say to young people -- noticably ABSENT  . Mark Scott lets the stupid "moving on" excuse cover for complete incompetence and carelessness year after year .titillation amidst desperation--  that's our ABC.

Weeks after some rare good QandA  Tony Jones is back to his very old  bad old habit of asking dumb old "How2 " questions of politicians and the politically correct .( es not the only one to play circle games with that lead in )  There isn't a poorer class of "how to do things" in the country, He's wasted years talking to polys about science and practice - no wonder its circle and circus time at the Colosseum after a weekend of real competition on the field
The game is not about problem solving , its about entertainment- poking and prodding with pain as currency..  ABCchurch

The first person in the audience  asks a great question about "whether there is anything in the teachings of Islam  that justifies violence " . The idea is on every Australians lips,  but not on the ABC's - were too nice ere .
Hate to offend anyone -- that would be to sin badly in their church

The question was never answered and noone dared ask it again or challenge the answer given about peace .
Peace  and peace loving can be really dangerous - a surface thing.  There is no peace in anyone's household unless you all speak the truth . Peace at subservience price is what is offered under ISIS .

Jesus set the scene for the West by saying clearly --"he did not come to bring peace,  but a sword" .Truth must triumph in a comfort zone science rules world.
If you are going to let a simple virtue run riot  like peace or equality you are going to end up with people rnnning everywhere with swords and everyone else shit scared to say - hang in this is too simple and its not working   The unintended consequential activists  are using one  good intention principle thing as a excuse  for great evil .
Peace in our time .  Chamberlain, Shaw , ........PM's of many times and places .

Friday, August 14, 2015

Moral authority from the out of touch minority

RE : Booing at sporting events

What a laugh .- all this fuss about booing at sporting events . These last few weeks have seen the religious left ( eg Jane Caro on ABCTV )pontificating about how one should behave in the auditorium . "One mustn't boo" was the conclusion after many could not conclude their sessions with the Sanhedrin over what is sinful in the new age. Unfortunately the new age has been ignoring the question of sin long enough for it to come back and bite them big time.

Takes one to know one - ABC boo each week when conservatives speak , What hypocrisy ! -especailly when its snide stuff . ( the way to avoid being prosecuted for the garbage words you apply is to convey your judgement without words )

Fortunately for some of us, sin is just normal and its best to limit your attention to your own or you might just spend your whole life worrying about others instances .

Booing can be  quite OK - telling someone what you think about their behaviour is what good friends do. Honest face forward confrontation is not only not condemned in scripture - its advocated from the Creator in the garden and fig leaves upwards. Nah is a boo just as Yey is a hurray !
In a booing crowd,  you simply can't always tell whether a comment is racist or deeply hurtful to someone . Should we all stop booing so there is no confusion about whose sinning ? No - we would never enjoy the idea of game playing -most people are not hurt by words used in a game. Players shake hands at the end to assert that .
We feel for Adam Goodes and anyone who "gets it all the time" because some of it is probably racist and deeply personal and  hurtful  . People hide behind words and what can we do about it when we still believe in primacy of free speech . Same with people who feel ostracised because of their unusual choices looks or gifts - its hard .  Speak back , questioning and points of order are all good options to counter .  "Tough it out "is good advice for all of us when it happens to us

The reality is its easy to go beyond just telling someone what you think of their behaviour ( to their face  - which is not a sin ) particularly when you are angy .new to some in the new age - anger is not a sin.  " Be angry but don't sin " puts the two subjects in context .( Ephesians )
The sin is when words are cutting words and involve physical and verbal violence ( both considered as prosecutable and serious matters in our code.

So,  some booing is Ok and some is not . "No I disagree " they say in Parliament each day ---nay .

If we aren't allowed to play games or respond to what we see and hear ,we don't learn to test limits and grow up .
Maybe we can't all shake hands at the end of the game, ( great symbol)  but at least we can and mostly do go back to talking like grownups after the game.  see you there ---noise anger and all !

Friday, June 26, 2015

No Q&A doesn't deserve a complete serve BUT

 The public are in a fanatical mood and the Media are going to have to excel in their primary task of reporting (not commenting) if they are to retain audience and prove that they  too haven't been lighting fires they can't put out ; trusting their own judgement about what’s worth reporting . Mark Scott’s defence is sound and welcome  but time has come for a response that cuts into the dumb idea  of banishing evil. Time has come  for the many ageing reactionaries in the ABC to let younger less cynical and snide people report on matters of the heart - so that we don't all keep living the dream in a  “war with the world”  way.  And also making their own category control judgments ( eg religion is not reasonable , must only listen to peer  reviewed science/arguments -such controls limit us to the mundane .    Young people,  if you haven’t noticed,  aren't always as cynical an as categorical as we are . If they are lucky,  they might just ignore their peers and get married anyway.  Voltaire would hopefully see that all voices haven't been heard on ABC because the dominant old myth and heresy of banishment of evil has now returned. Worse its morphed into the new grand good gospel and its momentum is growing and will keep growing while we feed it . We Christians are expected to be banished for promoting religion when Neiman points out we are both working the same territory - "where reason is missing”. Banishment will not work . Both Jesus and Jung call it a product of denial—where reason goes missing for quite reasonable reasons; where reason goes missing because some broadcaster rules a discussion on faith to be out of order – beyond reason would you believe.    In blessing the present configuration and the narrow reason limits of our age ( don’t get me started – as a scientist I do not know what motivates;  those given freedom to choose  good or evil or justify their choice )  , Mark  fails to promote the vision that works and has worked to get us here ; ( let someone produce there own historical reviews )  the possibility of other programs that could grow and give better coverage of the open range  than quickfix Q&A .Rather than limiting the vision to Voltaire , methinks we all outta go out with Waugh and seek to give seeding to more creativity and licence on his three channels - that way our precious ABC  would not only be good , but would have many,  many more scoops to be proud of.