Monday, November 10, 2003

Channel 7 could learn a lot from ABCTV drama like MDA ,the Fat and Kath and Kym if they were willing to look a bit deeper at what you wear when you invest properly and for the long term .

Sunday, November 02, 2003

Barry Cassidy did a good job as mediator a few sunday mornings ago, but the cavalry of heavily armoured philistines were no match for David and his well targeted arrows. The desperate stone swapping of most of the panel with "now, now tut"rulings from the religious lefts handbook was in clear defence of the teenage antics of bob brown and helped to make the calm rationality of Bolt very obvious .The same old same olds were trotted out -why does it take twenty years and only one dissenter of reactionary practice to show how tired ,old and irrelevant is their rhetoric. Do they not see that the constant chanting of "in reaction defined" doctrines produces only cold and predicatable reactions in ABC church -the debate was warmer than most on the ABC---only because Bolty was there!! . . All the excuses in the world won't hold up hot air - and the excuses made for bad behavior by delinquents .
Talking of defending the indefensible . Excuses were the favourite talking point on ABC Sunday show .- the limp excuse is one most children make "its important" Adults insisting that children learn to wait "not listening, not now " - will not deny children free speech , but teach them how to respect it. . There is a place for everything if you believe in democracy...... but at the right time thats what the words mean ?
BB didn't really convince anyone that his blurting out was anything but childish and disrespectful .

BB actions were well defended though by those who define themesles "in reaction" They stand not" for something" but somewhere in nonman's land which is more often "against it" ?". Free speech and the means by which it will be preserved -for our children -was not defended well that Sunday !
Wake up ABC , lots of your news commentators are as predictable as old defenders of "everything left of average" would be at their age of pretend radicalism. We switch off to renovationing shows , SBS , books for something more interesting.