Thursday, March 10, 2005

Reality therapy with no therapy .

We have no need to dig deep into the many tragedies from "doing what you feel like " paradigms fixes that plague abcchurch "Feel better by seeing someone else in a worse mess" .Not therapy - maybe its voyerism? Arts are in a desperate mood with close look at the crash/entrails/outcomes as the objects of interest . bit late mate .
Your viewers will need more than the token dose of stephanie dowrick before they get something good to encourage families to work together. Cutting Edge,top end of town , marriage acts

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Lateline Friday
Nick Minchin was no match for Julia and company.Well done girls
Minchin and his comfortable cows watching traffic on the highway better get back to governing before they get run off the road.

Nick's obvious fascination with the fast car drivers is not shared by many Australains who know the quickfiz's get often get their fuel from exploiting the energy of others. Traffic and tax needs governing and minchins careless babbling over the price of property emptied his whole talk of any credibility over the value of anything he was saying.

Wake up you sycophantic liberals and nationals -Govisnotbusiness .