Friday, April 22, 2005

the egalitarian spirit?

Thanks the ABCTV for reporting the situation in the Sudan on Lateline tonight .
It’s great when fellow Australians have the courage to report these incidents-
What great things could happen to Australia’s diminishing sense of the egalitarian spirit if we saw beyond this shallow fanatical nonsense that our wealth is created by “everyman for himself’”
What if we grabbed a bit of courage and faith, took the bull by the horns again and said true wealth - by “everyman for ever other man”. Keep up the good work.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Geraldine Brooks came as close as anyone I know in recent times to challenging the tired old reactionaries doctrines about good writing. While I enjoyed Andrew Denton's engagement with her, I feel , as a succesesful outsider, she still had much more to give to shock us out of our complacency over the doldrums in reality dramas.
Andrew is good, but he could be better at upsetting his audience . I won't bore you with more details, except to say that the ABC overpromotion of what was once popular reality TV ( The Bill) is a good example of some of its producers living in the past and focusing on the frame instead of the substance in such matters.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

ABC are giving me back time I never thought I had . Time to not watch it anymore .Thames talkback need to be told - The Bill is supersoap and we don't want to get sucked in ,.Have you researched it ABC? - Us limpet like ABC fans must have been dropping off for years!
I'm not fascinated by grumpy old men but I do like the idea of women who learn to cope with them . By the way, the ABc in its attempt to onedimensionalize one elizabeth the first, ( the virgin queen )have left us all wonedring if the ABC is worthwatching.
Both women were wonderful, but you would not know it by watching the ABC .