Thursday, August 25, 2005

THE BILL -- what a mess - its just not worth watching .so much lead you round by the neck soap. as if anyone would believe the leadup and the event ts in the marriage ceremony by the riverside construct is anything more than wishfull thinking by the author. No wonder the ABC have finally pulled it, and the good actors refuse to cooperate "with expression". . The writers are confused about what real life and real enemies are .

Everyone in the building has such big issues, its no wonder the focus never really gets out of it anymore .
Its now so much a reflection of the self centred navel gazing worldview thats killing rather than building communities. thats drag down .

What a contrast was FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT on AFGANISTAN . Reprting at its very best . While we weren't spoon fed solutions the producers did an outstanding job of putting the deep challenges in perspective .Jung said the problem was man made and by implicaion solvable but not with ham fisted quick fix. More on carrots and sticks in Agcommunities

Friday, August 12, 2005

The church was in full voice when Barnaby walked through the door . How can any good thing come from northern Queensland? Dear me, the cringe factor is back!
Time to have a good look at the facts Boys ---by those who chant business and flat earth economists to make themselves feel comfortable .

What would a country person know???
The truth , from experience, about complex risk and long term investment matters perhaps ?
The chanters are, under the noisy surface , worried about what works in the bush. Its obviously too complex a risk environment for them and their advisers . After all it wasn't just telephones that went down in the cold snap ! and shareholders know lots --or is it just that they have a lot of influence and ..........goodwill ?

The ISSUE this week was simple ---Just the price of Telstra.
And Barnaby won over the carping
Both sides of politics once knew the tragedy of those who know the price of everything but can't discern the value of anything.

Maybe the bush has something worth knowing about ?

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Spicks, specks and problems with your vision
ABC TV We enjoy it, mostly !
Those of you who are worshipers of all that is better in the future in your team need to realize the futures closing in on them . Why? Because mature adults maintaining childish reactionary profiles is denying our children the past (Too much of ABC evening entertainment is about ridiculing the past and those who DO things )

Sorry fellows , you got it wrong. You can't switch the Light off. You all know very well if you are going to play historian, or wise with words( because most of you know better) that people just ignore the Light. After all, whose music is selling on your ad breaks.
The Soweto gospel choir . Is it Good words, good music, new songs or old songs, or on the wholistic front- just wonder material ? tell us next week what you think ? Can’t you say what Bob Carr said ?
Ignoring the light is the norm, and switching it off is anthropomorphic driven myth- the driver of that irrational fanatical power that prevents reality therapy and sustainable change at the good old ABC. Nostalgia is fine as long as it doesn't reflect a childish mentality.

There are none so blind as those who will not see, or those who quench the interest of the young in alternatives. ( via ridicule)
The light is still on and young people are increasingly choosing to ignore the ABC and its stuffy old approach to songs worth singing .Psalms 96:1 tells the story very well.

On the whole I really like your program, but like many evenings "home" , I switch off when the ABC fail to value what's truly valuable (a very childish thing) and "dumb up " parts of the past that are imaginary, immature and blinkered in vision . ABC is very much the poorer for its monoculture of tired old blinkered and branded stuff .Grow up ABC?

Monday, August 01, 2005

4 Corners on City -Country Divide. Chris masters has done some great work on behalf of the very complex issues of water and resource management . If only policy groups would do it more and better with greater objectivity so we don't get more quick fix .

But even Chris Masters must be wondering why the silence . The country has been in no talk mode for a while .

A Challenge to the superficial and myopic paradigms of the city -- test the deep water--- our friends in the city - too much apparent care is patronising and unwilling deafness in cocontenation with alophobia etc.

"Farmers get too much already " 4 corners ABC tonight
The way governments throw money carelessly at problems would have given this excellent portrait real bite .
Conserving tax resources to store hay and keep professionals in the bush is not rocket science- it just needs to happen .Country people are absolutely on the mark right to call for understanding, not sympathy. That understanding will continue to diminish while experts leave or burn rubber to listen! Its all practical stuff but it has to happen .
Its plain silly to expect producers to solve the eco nonsense that both parties wisper in comfortable and dismissive chant.
After all if country people stimulate the innovation , independance and glass half full attitudes this country needs , our "let it all happen" polys need to look a bit closer .
Country people don't waste resources. Its bureaucrats, quangos and ignorant politicians who tow the simple lines of high risk and high exhaustion , who don't know what they are talking about on the environment ( peter andrews story on austory) and who change direction to keep manageing faddish funding schemes.