Thursday, September 22, 2005

MDA tonight. Great stuff. We are winning when the ABC lets the public tell its story and you are doing it very well .
Who did you think was the real villian in the Valley?. . My dance around the fruit stall tommorow will be marred a little by the demonising of ministers and our failure to NAME the slippery curves of the last twenty years .

The storytellers could still do alot to to avoid crashes for those ministers and media people who continue to get drawn into very costly cyclones and cul desacs because they want something better than what was handed down to them to look after .

Thursday, September 15, 2005

I wonder how many thousands of ABC viewers FOUND something else to do while the ageing lefties indulged in a bit of projection and denial with MARK LATHAM tonight. Low point Andrew

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

re 730 report on TELSTRA . Yes it was bit like days of our drearies . Switch back on after 15 min and still the same stuff going on . Back to the cricket--- well done SBS !
7:30 retorts -we now switch off or over. 7:30 retorts -its mostly chanting. A classic last week was when the presenter made himself the foil and let the PM preach . Its not reporting - where was the opposition argument on TELSTRA ( whole country wanted to know) put by someone who KNOWS how to respond- chanting may suit many, but it doesn't answer the questions and let us get beyond old reactionary retorts and blatant rhetoric .