Tuesday, May 23, 2006


RE : - The festering sores and blame game centres like Wadeye

I d wonder whether the ABC will survive - its now so predictably the same as itwas world view wise as it was 30yrs ago .
HOW I WISH BEFORE I DIE that ABC Report the story ( a Foriegn Correspondent type story from someone else ?) of our own indigenous people properly with the ideological implications of all sides thrown just as FC correspondent reporters do when they interview Imran Kahn or others ideologically involved in squabbles overseas. Find out whose working in which communities in NT and why!
Tony Jones discussion with the bishop opened a door too long closed

Seems to me there are echoes of that very old now trite excuse coming out of the hot spots . .Play the name game tune and maybe its what you will hear next from Wadeye