Sunday, July 23, 2006

At least when ABC or SBS does history - some reality has to come forward .

Don't watch the ABC much these days on Sunday nights cause it so timid about REPORT%ING the worst and the best of history in a way that HONORS what they did and doesn't pretend too much about what they thought in doing it . Piss off all those film makers waiting at your door ing to tell youthere version of history- its not only patheiticllay obvoius, its a turn off on Sunday nights as are the period pieces with the makeup substiting for the messup.

So it was pleasing to see some reporting on Catherine the great.
However brilliant Catherine the greater becomes as a new age woman model , I 'v got a feeling, like shapekespeare's richard , Grand duke peter is not the main target of the makeover merchants SO I may not have yet met catherine but thansk to the subject mater I may have met the woose and am the wiser .

Good to refect on peter s form -defined in reaction, he sought popluarity but lost his power when the people recognised his woosiness.few around is there ?

and Cornertones reporting on Bill the preacher thsi Sunday . I wonder if we have to have more race riots in Sydney or damage near Darwin before ABC will report on the good work being done in Aust by dare I say it, "religoius folks " God bless them .

Monday, July 03, 2006

4 corners top the list of good reporting this month .
Chris masters does it again or should we say Canadians have done it again .
Understand health care risks before we kill medicine and risk takers. see more cuttingedgecare