Saturday, August 26, 2006

Grahame morris made the point very well, but is anyone in the major parties really listening .Not a chance as both he and Rod pointed OUT!

Even Ms MCue was concentrating on pressing HER view . Maybe people who KNOW are not being heard? .
There have got to be areas of "on the nose" ideas and actions that don't work--- why haven't the stunned mullets across state and fedaerl politics got a whif of them? Tell us what you think stinks !

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Zee Tuesday Book Club. Peter Cundal said it all,just OLd trash .The young girl has moved on, but was afriad to overstate it lest she break ranks on the silly old chorus of ABC church worshipers . This new moral stance or ignorants surprises the chief chanter, cause she wants to belive noone ever moves on from the 70"s. To talk of morality.. cut that stuff short!
Don't waste our time jennifer. Not the idea of a book club but the now stale go nowhere except down, ideas of the me generation, their innocence about evil and their woosy parents who can't see the cul de sac, even now . Byrne, like so many ageing reactionaries, has to worship the new at the cost of what's good.

It may be a classic girls, but so is your self imposed living in the 70's attitude . You see this show could have been done 30yrs ago and it would have got the same reaction from people who study ideas and history. That's how much ABC Church members are behind the times .
Jennifer . why don't you get a few folks to read a book about islam - that might liven it up this cosy club a little enough to make us want to join .