Thursday, October 05, 2006

The too simple ABC's of ABC BUSINESS are too much . AS is too often the case on this shallow look stuff, Hon Coonan and the presenter were smiling too much to convince us the discussion was focused on real issues of eco sustainability.

Monday, October 02, 2006

RUDD surprises the ABC, most irreverently.
"Surely your'e not taken in by all this anti-intellectual stuff, Kevin "? Surely you are still a secularist.......aren't you ? please tell us we are not being surrounded by something we don't understand "
Tony jones was a bit shocked , and so he could be expected to be . ABC church has been happily ignoring the great variety of keen Christians whose minds are in full gear and operate for public good across both government, all parties , science and practice as well as running many , many independant industries for those can't pay their own way economically or to get the truth told . Jesus must have said something pretty well to breed supporters on both sides of politics for so many centuries ? Maybe not all religions teach the same simple political imperatives? Maybe there is something worth understanding about our Christain heritage ?

We no longer wait for ABCTV and local rdaio to wake up and address this possibility (like the democrats might have )because there appears to be only one church there . Where is Geraldines Dooges Australians story on the work of someone like Gordon Moyes- a man whose History ( like that of Bonhoeffer) might help build some understanding of the practical people between "the new rudd image of christianity" and "the costello one" --
we haven't been watching COMPASS for years, cause the Compass NEEDLE is stuck- to the old greeks - and its so predictably, self satisfied, tight little circle of go no where , decide nothing woosiness and cyniscsm . How did rudd get to tell the truth - that pentecostals are not madly selfcentred . 1.5 million dollars in the knox city area. Good on him and shame on the ABC for running its tired old predjudices as gospel for decades !

Are Tony and the crew now wondering "How did we let Mr Rudd get into our pulpit to talk about religion -- We're here to talk ONLY, in this church, about what we can touch and feel?" "He sounded like you almost believed some of this stuff about theology - that there is a rational connection between faith and reason." "You mean a theologian (Bonhoeffer) said something helpful" . Unfortunately many in AUST have been missing out on the facts , even though they may be watching too much TV ; don't realise that theology/worldview is an obligation of citizenship in the real world of humanness . Theology ( Of whatever version you choose ) is the underpinning rationale for sorting action ,ethics and value discussions .
Read the 1st chapters of either romans or corinthians and you can get some idea of the gist of the rational key to "the light switching on" for that old intellectual and rational Paul - "circles" are where we were . something beyond us is where we find ourselves - if we are honest ( read new scientist this week ) . Like those who celebrate with Tevye and the men before Jesus , Faith can provide a way through the endless but restricted little circles of greek type rationalism that cages most largely worldview uncritical, reactionaries in the West to this very day .
Go kevin go - just remember as the emperors of old found out - you never can predict who will back who or from the big picture point of view , what is really going on in the background - just beyond what we mortals know and see place