Wednesday, November 08, 2006

BONO was great ---Enough Rope

RE Making poverty history in semi arid areas

The question: What stands in the road of the future?

The glass is certainly more than half full, but if we are going to kep the momentum going ---lets be realistics the glass does have some leaks .
What stands in the road of the future? Sometimes the audience themselves. That means aid agencies and the media don’t even know what they do wrong . I know may caring people in the system who do not know or see the dangers of misplaced interest in the rural poor in particular.

Do good but do it well

Monday, November 06, 2006

Learning to cope with drought

Hopefully the city will learn to cope with the drought

STATELINE Friday --While Ted came out tops, he did it for a reason - he was more reasonable . Bracks, and top of the tops ABCites were not tough enough or targeted enough to touch base with the real world as well as he did .
It didn't matter that the questions were toughly put - the substance on water conservation ,for example, was shallow, secular and superficial. The sort of stuff we expect from the margins , not from our ABC .
Bracks was nervous, as he should be , about whether even the logic of his advisors is right? ; he didn't even take his cue from that leading question on logging.

Shower roses- Very nice to give us a little shower lecture during a drought, but as any country person could see, the crowd in that studio talked more like a bunch of big birds splashing around in a birdbath; leaders using a vessel small enough, but clearly not deep enough, to avoid the dunking they deserved . Selling such simples may please some of your city folks , but you can restassurred that something will come back to bite you boys - and it won't be just be the mossies from your million dollar meddling with tanks .
Lesson 1 on droughts and really dry times. If you going to really solve environmental imperatives and manage risk from rainfall ( not just talk about a problems existence etc etc etc ) you need proper ecosystem advice - otherwise you risk being sucked in by mere tokens, tritethings and terrible things.

Sustainability is the stuff that works year in year out -- water and resource conservation is bread and buter ---it has to work for us each and every year -WE plan for the occassion, not necesarily spend up big when it arrives.
SO plan for those mozzies - that way you may learn to cope with change like we can every year!
People who encourage those sorts of solutions are profligate; unworthy to be called conservationists, unworthy of governing in the interests of the country.