Monday, February 19, 2007

Crisis driven consensus

(McMullan gets the experts to solve the watercrisis all in 60 minutes - a mirror of the quick fix going on the election stage at the moment .
Crisis driven consensus- using pressure but not one that would offend our new Pc way of working ?
If such resolutions happened at your home it would seem too good to be true.perhaps these stage sets are for fantasy distraction and entertainmnet . We resolved something really difficult without anyone getting heated- we must be more evolved than our parents ?
The solution : Everyone will just pay more for water --unfortunately its more predicatable than it looks - such a bucket brigade would really help their 4 causes The audience just pays bigger taxes and the money would come to them! The leaders are right and we pay to be wrong . The wonders of consensus .

Perhaps there is no crisis - its just a media and cause driven fundraiser ; water is getting to SA's in the driest period on record , the only bit of the dead Murray to get an unchallenged option was its dead mouth -something it has often had in its long history. lots of recently failed innovations (water trading and focus on rice ) ignored and Cullen unable to talkk about something real and deep like flooded cities or bare paddocks

Why didn't Cullen hit home with the amount of irrigated land likely to go out of production in the next twenty years. He choose rather to ignore the dig at the careless rice critics and refer to some dying red gums .His advocacy of the ricing mechanism suggests he is more an engineer and market sycophant than an economistwith an ecology focus .They might as well call the new Murray Darling commission the J curve interpreters because they will have little time for little else if they try to price water .
Why did the Wentworth guru advocate market solutions when the bucket is empty one day and full the next. why does he talk diversity not the myopic monocultural market motivation theory - different economic paradigms apply to rainfed, rooffed and riverfed.maybe thats the idea - agree to fund more research - the outcomes are less important .
I suggest The only ones to benefit from higher water prices will be the institutions and the speculators. The only ones to feel the pinch ( as mike young so willinly admitted re cities )
will be the producers who will get their options and security slashed and their methods of using the stuff increasingly questioned . When the economists and non practicals in that group couldn't even admit to the ravishing stupidity of a monocultural market solution that has already proven its incompetence and can't put diversity of apprach into prcatice the people who alerady have tanks and mange water well will,sure as eggs, be cut savagely and unfairly .
And its all in the name of winning the election - is it not?