Monday, May 21, 2007

Denton does well

The home of sell, sell sell is no place for any of us to easily overcome our fear of people who come across too strong. Those who by their very vehemence can be expected to ignore people, logic and reason .
Denton could well have presented a case that they are all mad, and got away with it . Yes, Faith people are dangerous especially those “Christains” who “ believe the impossible-“ - and can you believe it " they have heard from God personally" . Andrew did well to both present and let us hear what he heard from that strange group .

Be realistic unbelievers - It's a wonderful story that these salesmen are selling It's a story that's almost too good to be true—an advertisers dream ??? Some relief from the cynicsm of your friends ;
Forget the label - were' all religiuos . Like people who believe in strong government, for all the right reasons -there is lots of careless words. There are lots of careless words said by those who take Christ's promises seriously too , but that rather should draw reporters to what the man said - not what his followers say .especailly when they celarly insist on obedience to those words - not the speculation beyond them .
Thankfully the key salesmen was pretty clear about the dangers of false faith and the sufficiency of His revelation Cynics trying to paint his followrs all mad don’t get anywhere accussing them of using more dangerous weapons than reporters think they are prepared to use ( passion and idealism) - seems to me they hold more cards than the poor people they cut and paste into their pictures and should just " report them " .
You also don’t win the reason war by ignoring the ammunition esp when Christianity is ready and willing to fight stand and stay on words alone. words that are known known known

Zapruder have done well to demonstrate that at least one of the fears of many Australian non believers , is not sound . The fear of those who “hear God personally” is generally well constrained by the very clear teachings of Jesus (even across the book to the author of Genesis) on the sanctity of every human decision - and that includes the sanctity of the lives and minds of all men and their freedom to chose what they believe.