Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Club -more interested in how it looks, than how it works?

Thwaites and Bracks resignation is interpreted by ABC Lateline panel last night as "good timing" - not even a hint from the cool cats club of “political realists” that "something is wrong" .Why?

Does it not disturb the thinking public that men say they want to leave politics for the same reason they appear to have been there in the first place –personal reasons - the high values in our society are ........ Is the world of politics now just like the world of business – a world where only self is worshiped and glorified. May explain a lot about the grinning going on on last nights church.
Not a word, for example, from these clever critics about “public good”. Has post modern politics come to this – a fa├žade.
Perhaps what we witnessed on ABCTV was a hastily called meeting of the Machiavellian Club –more interested in how it looks, than how it works .

Bracks is happy, Kroker and Cameron are happy, but should the people be happy?
What is Brumby going to do ?
Grinning like Cheshire cats maybe neither of the cool cats of political observers are really across the landscape– maybe the universe is bigger that they think – maybe they are a bit limited by the world view of mere cats whiskers . Copyright emperors academy .

Friday, July 13, 2007

Swindle -

Tony and Robin have reason to panic
1. --if they threw all they could at the the swindle film , their panel of supporters was not convincing
2-- Popular maybe? they so like so many our society are vulnerable to simplicities and the desire to simplify
-- In relation to 2 they need to read the maladaptive tendencies of the modern media age ( outlined in the towards 2000 telecom report)
--In relation to 2 above ABC needs to recognise the poor standing of scientists ( the panel wasn't mostly scientists as the film mostly was!) and the irrationality of having a high standing of technological fix in our culture ; common confusion of science and techno fix as the same thing.
--Both of them ,as organisers, failed the test of good debating - they got too involved in the subject and they had no adjudicator .

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Will the ABC ever regain its ability to hold debates?

Much is expected of Tony Jones tonight . Will he bring the ABC back from the brink of predictability. When will ABC managemnet stop the ageing reactionaries from their withering vines of pedantry: from stifeling us with the same old same old .
ABC managemnet seem at last to be stopping the wannabe prophets of the future from getting their way - when will the ABc realise we the audience, are really switching off ( even on wednights after S&S) ,to nothing , or even occasionally SBS for some relief from their boring deterministic diatribes ( almost like the ABC wants to just like some clone of something predictable ) .

Hopefully JONES won't get distracted . If he's not a scientist he may well be distracted by those who industry is distraction .Lets hope he gets with the new age and says "At end , well the debate appears to only have started , if you are interested , you can follow real debate more closely ( Heresy and horror ---- abcchurch is not the final word on gospel ) on following blogs .Wow wuldn't it be great if it happened . Time the lumbering logomachists supported scientific not journo debate- greek idol bleeters who are not scientists . bleeters who quote scientists to suit ONLY their part of their argument- adding to the story instead of reporting what is said ------ with its limitations

The question TONY ( and stick with it till you get and answer) "Is co2 clearly linked to the warming and HOW " .

Or if you do that one well ---"Isn't there a risk if you proponenets of cahneg continue to us ethe medai the way you do that the momentum for real cahnge will be lost ?' more on here