Saturday, September 08, 2007

ABC rivers run dry

It was the 3rd item on the news on friday, but was it news? The reporter on this most seriuos issue of climate change and its implications on Rivers was a retired expert from business . Presumably retired experts from business have more credibility on salinity and risk management than anyone else in the State. Not sure what he was worried about but he better hope his boat is ready for the return period .
It seems that Everyone is allowed to comment on important envirmatters on the ABC- esp if it has a climate change angle .
Expertise is not a issue really when it comes to telling the story
Helps explain why the Sydney agrrement will mean very little. Grist, at least , are taking the problem of unprofessional conduct and supernatural expectations on environmental agendas seriously. For more than hot air on environment , you need to report only experts !