Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Out of the whirlwind

John Hartigan ( Andrew Olle's memorial lecture Sunday )gave a very entertaining and exemplary testimony to the mystery of authorship in the real world. It was amazing to hear,despite all the noise of mere words that surrounds him, to have him picture with some clarity ,the business of purpose and perspective for witnesses;
Like Hughes had done in documenting/ reporting Tom Browns schooldays in the hour before , Hartigan repeated the age old truth about where you will find it; The business of reporting what really happens is a responsibility, that, while appearing to limit our own creativity (surely the great temptation for all his staff and those at the ABC ) the very laying of one's hand upon one's mouth and the proceeding no further (than reporting to editorializing or spiritualizing with eg - worm type subscience) gives authors authority.
Power and authority are often confused . Knowledge is power . Who has percieved the breadth of the world ?Job Who knows the worlds limits? Certainly not the predictable old priests at the ABC who restrict our diet to a dull reactionary and dry monism; One that clearly limits the passion for creativity. He who recognisies the world limits has made a good start to the adventure of authorship and creative vision. Time the ABC did what Hartigan suggested and get practical scientists reporting on the air waves .( you thought they did that? - listen to what he said and look at the kindergarten level of science and rhetoric study on ABCTV )

Hartigans counsel of words with knowledge about Rupert Murdoch were a gift many of us appreciated. We want Murdoch to do well and encourage the freedom that routes out evil and doesn't just sit on it . We want Rupert to follow in his mothers footsteps; build up and not tear down the heritage of freedom that is hidden from so many in the West ; the heritage of free speech and full authorship . The recognition that evil is not just in raw power in the US(eg in that predictable but pathetic ABCchurch chant) but resides much closer to home.
Good perspective brings the recognistion that even if we could control governments we have not the power to set bars and doors for good in governance- maybe even in our own households . The power of the words of truth are not ours to control . The power is truly in the hands of His people. Dostyefsky might have said. "If there is no God, there is no good government" .
After all Rupert is only a man - but how a man of power percieves that gift can help determines just how much freedom many potentially great minds have to thinking positively about faith , freedom and the very wonder of authorship itself .
Well done to all involved .