Friday, December 14, 2007

What is worth watching on the ABC?

Really enjoyed Henry V and Compass stories of real people in monasteries, but what a drought during the week. Worse , it goes from drought to desperation.
Australians are very good at getting the technical bits right; they know from the yin pedants, that reality is tops , but they forget that, on the yan side, some reality is really the pits and we already spend enough time there . Watching people in the pits is not entirely pointless ( if we want to be technical ) but its clearly only of longterm interest to those who haven't got the point .

The ABC version of Shameless (The librarians ) might make some of the audience feel better about their home/work life, but the producers should not be under any illusion about why they will not have a job in ten years. You must have a script and you must not go to sleep at the tripod - this pitstop stuff is adding rivets to the industrys coffins.

How long before U tube takes over?