Saturday, June 14, 2008

A wanna throw up

The trouble with Jones church (Qanda )is, its oh so boring and predictable,( even the audience react in a predictable way say to charlies outrage )
The younger chasers war is even about the same old , same old: aid to church schools . Me thinks he protestith too much.....maybe he is indeed a protestant by nature ?

Thankfully Prue was there this time to put the record straight , but if it takes a lot of her energy to get past first base on the subject of "where education should be going",and where the real enemy is , where is the rest of my evening going ? .

Wouldn't it be good if the club had got past the old hypocritical point of moral indignation ( and apparent threat- ) to what might have been Jones main thrust of the night " why don't thinking people want to send their kids to secular schools - and what the hell do we do about it " . Wouldn't be church meeting though, would it.
Loved the swipe at Rudds touting at windmils and the evidence that even next to her there is something festering. --about what meat to eat .

Friday, June 06, 2008

Whose really serious about petrol

Virginia TONIGHT on LATELINE. She's seriuos -its a powerplay that's as big as ben hur . Will the public vote for higher taxes on fuel or not?

The government are up to the challenge - they think its seriuos too (and so does bob brown).
So the govt send in the Minister for childrens services to put the story...........

Don't think so Miss . Maybe you/we would have a better idea of whose serious if we could have the cabinet view Try here for starters !

When will ABC presenters let competency rule

When they see everyone laughing at the Emperor with no clothes on as they did on TV tonight . Who started the laughing ? Who were the magicians who told him to talk trading schemes ? mr garnaut and the very idea of carbon trading schemes goes happily out the window .

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Cool little club that

Thankfully the atmosphere is not always cool -FIRST TUESDAY BOOK CLUB
You see there is nothing like dissent to spice up the predictable old ABC .
You are getting a bit too keen on comfy conversation mate - save that for home - your home?

Well done Peter Fitzimmons . Got me really interested in listening for more - but only with the proviso that you keep the strirrers on . I bet there is more on the cutting floor on many HOSTAGE HOST SHOWS that would make better television than what they put to air .I learnt lots about the books ( i trust )and to respect the skills of those who truly seek to help us write well and with some punch .
So much fun to hear all those adjectives being thrown round too - Thats where we all need those armchairs and our very own book club .
Trouble with the TV version is that: We expect clones and friends of the ABC to turn up - I mean these comfortzone conversationists might just not want to tell you , or the hungry for more, out there, what they want to hear? @Your books@ dear jennifer - not as big a risk taker as you make out?

Full marks to peter for playing the game hard - it was as it always is goodTV- open and it provided a great way to give us insight into Hardy , Featherstone and Steger's consderable skills as well . Good night out .

What makes the ABC think we wanna listen to them

The dreamy ,but very flat , world of media wannabes.
QANDA is So dull and predictable that even Jones wanders off into "when will you become PM" speculation .
QANDA - Don't the abc CA producers realise how dumb and otherworldy the very idea of QANDA is ? What real world question would ever get very far with a tired old format that will so predictably generate nothing but angst amongst the indianna jones types who turn up, let alone those welded on ABC hopefuls who still cling on in hope of something better. - watch the ratings tumble .

When will the ABC realise that the future of the medium is in competency , not collective drivel .

Let's assume they got the idea of QANDA from CWHyou -----which works
Ok so We're Here To Help (Can we help you) works - the reason it works is not because some ABCTV producers know what they are doing, but because the show actually ask people who know .
Collectors too . Tasmania may only have a few people down there but clearly being behind the times isn't all bad.
Can't be too hard can it ? To do things the way you were taught ? Looks can be decieving . Skin deep ---thats what so much ABC current affairs is.
Elli Moore does look good-- its true and so do Alan Kohlers's graphs -He smiles though while the average punter waits for the good oil -if they should be so lucky .

Respect for what really works in real caring and precision decisions.

ABCTV CA desperately needs some new producer blood - who else would be dumb enough to run a Q and A session with polys and a token time slot commitment to do everything but nothing .

Why doesn't ABCTV employ producers who know what really get's the mind working - Surely the current crop are not in control of the ageing presenters who clearly need a rest . Give us something that actually works, and doesn't impose or direct like dying ABC current affiars has been doing for decades .
The tied old half baked plagerized and uncreative formats come no where near the sponteniety and drive that keeps SBS way out in front in current affairs.