Monday, July 07, 2008

Forgive me for breathing

Penny Wong was totally unconvincing on Lateline . Virginia was on the ball with her simple question about cost -
The answer ? There was none - there are huge costs and the greens think a tax on everyone is fair - Like a pox on everything ? ? Perhaps its a bit like - when you can't see the target shoot the messenger or just anyone in the direction that upsets you ?
Got news for the gun lobbyers. Shoot straight or you'll hit the innocent .you are hitting the innocent . You will lose your licence and go to jail . Whatever happened to targeting the polluter, the rich and careless? The dummies don't know how to balance incentive with admonition . The fine line between pleasure and pain is also a mystery to them .

How long do you think the chicken run circus of hot air on hot air is going to last you dummies? No use finding an even bigger reason to scare people into action . Coercion has a way of backfiring on the public -esp when many of us scientists too have had it up to here with the politicization of science .Funding your own fancies - thats what you get !.

Nelson has finally nailed the heavenly minded harries who try to put wheels on a car they haven't got an engine for . Nooone who is seriuos about a problem as costly as carbon controls would talk to the problem when they haven't got a clue about the solutions. This is the sort of stuff of nightmares . predictable ones.

The carbon trading idea is no more than an idea. One that we have said before was born in kindergarten where the advisers don't know carrot from stick cause they have never worked in ecomia . We have told you before, but no you say "scientists say " when you listen to only those who say what you want them to say .Penny Wong is unconvincing . King kevin hasty visit to the sea can't be compared to Canutes - Canute did not go to learn, but to educate the ignorant advisors . I wonder who is leading who and where ?
Canute knew the limits of economics and science, and was a great leader. Centuries later, we ought to be advancing the revolution in ecomia but are we? --- goverenmnets in their haste in the last few years have thrown out many economic ecologists--- thinking perhaps they were mad to show their leaders the very size of the sea and its power ?
Luckily I am not threatened - if there is a problem with C02 . There are big eco challenges. However, I am not swayed by all the unproductive noise in the henhouse . If anything they are giving the threats , and the real threats -----a bad name.
The greatest evil is done in the name of the best intention . Why ? often because illinformed intention distracts attention from the true targets for resistance . Conservationists- get serious, not sentimental and shallow-- like so many you see on TV .

How long do you think they can continue to make us feel bad - just for breathing?

Friday, July 04, 2008

Infoentertainment - Is it facts or fighting we're hanging out for?

QUANDA and THE FOOTY SHOW have much in common (Thursday nights ). They are about exposing prominent people and their ideas ; really exposing them. Its all good, cause there is just so much political correctness out there .
Sam Newman, for all his faults, is not afraid to call out in church and call a spade a spade . How refreshing.
The dumb questions also have away of exposing the participants more than they realise .
Joe Hockey, like The Libs leader, needs to realise that the future of the Liberal party ( if it has one ) has to be more than "good bloke talk" and pathetic kindergarten repetition of "a safety net for stopping greed" . Dear boys, the people can see through the big holes you are leaving - why can't you? Its called prevention and is small and beautiful . Your net is not small enough!

Let me give you a clue: I too want smaller government, more liberty and less lecturing from the left. We all do , so what's wrong here? Perhaps, like the members of the hastily convened quanda board , they don't really know HOW but are afraid to say so - pity they all, to a man,( sorry Nicola) think intelligence resides now permanently outside the public service . How stupid is that when you claim to be trying to run a efficient and effective house full of cats . A consultant run ecomomy is not one any party can afford . Is Joe no more that an advocate for the big cats?
The cringe mentality is clearly the biggest handicap Canberra and the wannbes have got at the moment . If COAG doesn't work maybe GORE can switch ON a few lights to expose some more of the inconvenient truths we all seek to know about .NOT . NO THE HOW ( for big issues) is not wisely the focus of infotainment. We all want a big splash , but not while we are trying to solve problems ( something we do during the day - if we are rational)

Most important for anyone listening or wannabes who think the ship is sailing well (with little noise ) , is this fact : when the wannbes are too out of touch , nobody is game to tell em so .It often very quiet before a storm .

The lady who spoke so well about the practicalities of what works in rural and remote Australia summed it up . It s not big, its small .COAG can't do everything and its madness to think it can . Much money is being wasted in propping up regional centres when a focus on the small and not so noisy is what's needed .

Libs could win a election if they worked out THAT they too have given up on an intervention policy that works . Both parties ( They not all "going to the right " - they have both lost to will to fight - you heard it first on blogger ) All parties need to find a clever way back to a good stouch and making the most out the scrapyard . Small is beautiful and more rigourously responsible .
Neil leweellyn too, cut to the heart of the crap, by hammering away ( laptops and childcare) at the wannabes failure to recognise their achiles heel - their woosiness. The children are indeed in charge of the household because the noisy ones still get the good oil .
Giving kids new computers and childcare must come after support for the quiet care of the small, and not so noisy . In our town, the targeting of something so obvious( we already have the best computers) means the wannabes throw us a bomb, when we just need some bullets.

On the whole, The ABC should be congratulated for finally doing more to take the set piece off the stage like SBS's jennie and australian story has been doing for years.
Compass is an example one sided reporting that's lasted 20 years - nothing good's been happening in churches - why do you send your kids to church schools then?
How many old lefties have gone "right", but just can't admit it ! Copyright Emperors Academy