Friday, April 24, 2009

Comedy festival QANDA

Jones may not be aware of it yet, but the genre of his high brow conversation starter is all the more entertaining than its relation (the footy show) because of where it starts ......and where it finishes. The structure means the audience gets a look in and the truth, sometimes, comes out . The idea is great especially because Jones is not really in charge and those in the chairs are nervous and vulnerable - unable always to hold onto that persona that makes CurrentAffairs on the ABCTV so predictable .
for eg noone wanted to hear " what did you learn about death " but it yielded the peaceable fruit of reality therapy on the board . The girl was serious - why is the ABC unable to put anything seriuos on - (And while talking about overplayed records , why stuff up some good stuff on ABC2 in evening with repeats of the NIGHT before - are you seriously in the death throws ;Nothing else to show us than repeats of gruelling gruen . Does no one review your tenure ? - we nearly watch more SBS and ABC2 than boring old ABCchurch .
Adam Hills doesn't know how to be serious, so he's seldom funny. He could learn, like a lot of the immature men on the screen a lot from about being sexy ( eg host of Rockwiz) by not always talking about sex .
David Marr is so seriuos he's hard to take seriuosly. Whose liberated and whose not? ? Big questions for those who hate to see anyone put something unreactionary on their little screens . Take it from us, we old ABC soaks have found other things to do than watch you lot all the time.