Thursday, August 13, 2009

The questions and answers must link together

Tony Jones is unaware that all his efforts at control tonight on Q&A gave the people's vote to Christopher Pyne and Piers Ackerman and those who would never get to speak on his shallow, overcontrolled show.
He was also clearly unaware of the answer to his own question - why this alignment between the radical elements should occur .Maybe it has something to do with the churchiness of the ABC ?
This unstable moment in the control of hot air is at least partly because ABCTV and abcchurch generally is not a vehicle for generating the confidence needed to carry a sound science and practice debate forward. It's a big task for any media organistion - point is ----its not the job of the presenter: its the job of the ABC to put scientists up front and they haven't been doing it . Indira is not a scientist - where are the scientists whose expertise in in sustainability ??? Tell me one that's been on the ABC! I know one and he won't need 5 years to work out some biosequestration targets!
This control thing was always going to end this way. While welcome, Tony's pursuit of the farmers questions was appreciated, but we shouldn't be relying on him to cut to the quick .Despite his interest, he predictably didn't get anywhere near the crux of the matter and neither did Sharon -point is why didn't others note this!
In history, the politicitization and dumbing down of science on ABCTV will greatly tarnish its once good reputation. There is nothing more absurd than having Sharon Burrows talk about sustainabaility jobs when the people who trained to advance that cause are increasingly unemployed. So predicatably of course, Tony didn't notice that Burrows vain hope of sequestration was just another distraction into vanity and hot air . Why do i say this cause i know biossequestration very well - apparently Labor are going to give someone like me 3-5 years to sort out what I already know - sounds normal for those who can't admit their ignorance but would rather be seen to be gadflies than dinasaurs . Sharon - get it right ; the issue is not technology jobs, but science jobs . You fail to put first things first and millions of jobs won't do more than create waste .The right investment at the right time will help carbon dependance move well -never "the right politics"

Interestingly , the conspiracy ghostbusters ( almost filling the hall) turn out to to be the biggest conspiracy agents (Pyne did very well to remind them so) Clearly Tony has been standing in the road of progress by ignoring Peirs Akermans major point - you have too many polys and not enough scientist on the panel to make this grand design credible. If I was Tony I would be wooried that in my selection of audience/clips I was doing little more than breed the sort of cynicsm and ignorance ( eg Thatchers game as mentioned but not recognised in its real identity )that focuses on others ( "the right" ,"america and industry" ) rather than the grand potential for change that exits by following cuttingedgescience and thereby ensuring we all share in looking after the earth
The discussion result shows how all Tony and his producers effort were unable to disguise the total incompetence of Labors position on ETS. The more Craig and Sharon said , the more we all lost confidence in their grand new tax.
One suspects that this major leakage from the temple of grand intentions may well be noted by many ---before the next election.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Refreshing exposure of real authors on QandA

Attempts by non ABCchurch members to gain a credible hit on ABCTV have in large measure been comfortably dealt with by carefully editing after interview, or discrete painting of portraits with out of place mouth actions.
This is news to the high priests - what opposition is there?
The ABC doesn't need a war on everything program because it largely runs a war on everything nonchurch .
Not so QandA Thursday when it allowed and encouraged exposure to unbelievers --the young people were great and the tension allowed US to get to know Julia Gillard and Malcolm Turnbull in a way which was at least, helpful .
How much more helpful though would it have been if the audience had time to hit home their scathing critique of labors education revolution and the liberals pay the teacher better birdbath song . We might have heard them say some real good stuff on how to keep teachers teaching .
Even some of us oldies know the fabians revolutionary talk to be largely the noise and signage outfront of the revolving door building of their highly reactive and non revolutionary style of politics.
"Revolutions we can handle" all the young people(YPs) said, but yours is not one of them. How right they are!

The classic outcome of the evening was our shared joy at the young person's humorous pulling down of this heavy stone idol of revolution and direct targeting post modernism - the real legacy of the left ;- As both YP on the panel said - "Your god is not real - we know where real revolutions occur, and even if we didn't we know, we know your focus to be what it is , superficial. Your actions speak louder than your words !

Like abcchurch, the old reactionaries on the panel had fully fallen for the appearance of revolution ( the monuments ,the gymnasiasms, the computers ) and forgotten about the kernel and more importantly , YP love of the kernel ( people and the ideas who make it happen ) .- The old leaders, if they were thinking, would have been talking to that audience about ideals, not images !
Lets hope Malcolm's mates ( after he clearly made the most of the awakened elephant/ empty chair in the room) wake up to the Libs new opportunity to make the most of labors worship of dumb and expensive idols- idols that even young people can see. Go deeper please- everyone of the older audience .
In a typical post modern page ,the man who did a very good job generally on the night,(MR Tony JONES ) let the talk wander so widely "that time ran out"..... again - its always doing that!!!!!- If Tony wants to avoid it happening too easily yet again ,why didn't he ask the audience beforehand "Ok - I am aware of your heart felt concern about adults behaving like children - So how about we quarantine playing petty games over Malcolms recent failures OK ????/ "- what happened? He didn't and we wasted half the program on it .
So, we the patient audience are tempted to believe that maybe the children were in charge --preferring the petty after all?
Are the children in charge ? Not much fun to watch MR JONES! Same old sermon material and foraging faults again
"We have run out of time again -we have got no more time for real and new authors; we here at ABCTV have more important things to do ,like hearing yet again 7:30 report host talk Kerry O Brien talk about his own authorship and what a great experience it is for him .3 minutes of same old same old

3min to introduce new authors like the young panel guests would give ABCTV the edge over SBS in their runaway success with storytelling .