Friday, January 29, 2010

7:30 report ; More hype than light

Matt Peacocks attempt to tell us his own story using experts of his own choice is not good enough . What i saw on the first night was all over the place running simple monistic scaremongering stuff across a wide range of "should be dealt with singly issues " . I Don't watch 7;30 report much ; will watch it less .

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What thinking person still watches the ABC ?

It used to be that only quick fix commercial news reports came from polys and people happy to stand infront of camera and complain ; It used to be that only quick fix commercial news reporters used more emotion than fact in their reports.
It used to be that OBJECTIVE reports of persons on how to help were used to DRIVE an effective response .
Is THE ABC is so moribund that it does everything the way others do it
I won't be watching the ABC on Haiti because there is more emotion and personal stuff than any thinking and caring person can stomach. I'm not informed , I'm dragged around like a wet hanky - such caring is crap

I 've listened to ABC Tv reports of the Haiti disaster and thought - i don't know WHO to give money to - Where was the report of damage , the aerial survey ,the outline of the governments and others plans .Agency reports

ITs worse : when have we ever seen a decent documentary on the ABC ?
SBS clearly lead in objective cuurent affairs - their news is better , and they simply let people talk .

ABCTV have no HOT DOCS ( their excellent series on universal health care tonight)- - only COLD and predictable CHAIRMAN types who expect everyone to move on when they think its important to do so .

Perhaps those in charge think the ABC audience is as cynical and selfcentred as so many now seem to be.

Either way the ABC potential for niche management is fast eroding .