Monday, June 28, 2010

Qanda can be very entertaining when it is not so controlled

Virginia may not welcome another stint on qanda but we all will . Unlike the controlling Jones , she let the discussion happen . Mind you, after last week,  no leader could keep order over what was on the publics mind over Julia .
Looking deeper into this nonsense of Shortens about thinking deeply, its only a week since Rudd ran all over O'Brien - "lighten up mate !". And Shorten  wants us to think they are thinking deeply to stop talking to sustainable carbon and talk about sustainable population . Its toxic and so is new labor's focus !

The ABC want us to believe they are objective, let alone funny - the paradox for the pedants in church is why Barnaby was so funny and why the Gillard defenders were so serious  and so clearly desperate enough to go personal- completely losing it with the audience as the lack of tweets ( published) so clearly demonstrated.
John Clarke was very funny before he got a badge from the school of meredescription - maybe there is too much limiting of free speech at the ABC? Not possible ?