Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Conclusion - No consensus No idea

Julia Gillard is right about one thing ( would have set the other girls on the panel straight , me thinks)- there is no consensus,  and talk of mandate by Wong is wrong - ( should you need a real basic reason - for no other reason than she's not sure what she'd use the tax for!.)
The boys ( none more than Tony who has stood by while she tried to talk herself out of trouble on many long nights of noknives on Lateline) knew that Wong was again wandering over the territory .( and no substance -just more  technology of tax talk)
I can't see why anyone would vote Labor when Penny and Christine can get so emotional about a subject and not get down the tin tacks of nailing the solutions ( Take Christine Milne throwing the dead cat trick of "forests" and "tiny presumably helpless marsupials"  into the ring )
Why would anyone follow them both (hand in hand now )  into taxing us to the hilt .....to do what .....they don't even know themselves ? Christine , for example would get us to plant a tree and lock up a forest ,  but like the myopic green she is,  she would n't know what's best to with it  once it grew . Neither indeed would Penny - where is all her careless talk of sequestration ? )
Stop talking , take a bex and lie down for a while.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hitch VS The very Kitch

Jennifer Byrne wasn't the only one surprised by her Book club guest Christopher Hitchens. He was supposed to be a member of the congregation and therefore " quite safe" to take the lectern  at ABCCHURCH-infact he's seen to be "one of the latest and greatest" -
But he said things that surprised us.
Jennifer  was even worried  . She called him a racist !
Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised - he's often been a leading theologian  at the home of the reactionaries
Even though I've always see him as a reactionary,  and therefore a chameleon of sorts , I was quite surprised just how much Hitchens allowed himself to be painted , on that program , as a reactionary.( not normally a good look for an old lefty) That trivial tirade  of renaming famous books "2days in the life of ...."

Perhaps he 's also just being true to his word about being a chameleon?
Maybe his next book will be
" What the modern woman is missing out on "
-(Imagine Jennifers blood pressure and Hitchen's  fortune  ) Subtitled " A review of women in the Abrahamic tradition " -Hitchens  would be smart enough to print the book,  but not the byline ;  would the leader of Kitch -Jennifer ? )
On the whole,  as far as reactionaries go,  Hitchens was streets ahead of Jennifer.

I too could be rich writing the book I have just started today with the above title . Remember you heard it first on Blogger. Copyright EA