Thursday, August 12, 2010

Qandary fuels the Population Paranoia

Guilt and blind prejudice were the elephants in the room. That's why,  apart from a  few unexpected moments when guilt and fear wasn't being passed around (the man next to Flannery who talked about real economic matters ) the heavenly and emotional focus of the depressingly ignorant and deterministic dogmatists never hit the ground .

Fear prevents people really facing the issues and there was no facing of the issues last night( The water and infrastructure challenges are known,  but the club of mere description think they needs more information. before they ever make a decision - HOW PREDICTABLE  .
There was no facing of the issues amongst most of the consensus driven wanderers on qandaries typically constrained conversational paradigms ( lots of "no talk "issues ) .

What an absolute disgrace that our ABC, instead of hosing down the fire in Sydney,  pours fuel on it ( and they want us to believe commercial TV is bad) 
What a disgrace that the hangers on like Brown and Flannery use their guru like status among the glazed over googleyed to play the blind prejudice card as well.  Watch the pied pipers  change their tune again!   
The water and infrastructure challenges are known . 
 Woosy Tony Burke couldn't say so  and Tony Jones, to be generous,  couldn't see the antidote to the overwhelming air of pessimism  in the room .
None either could tell poor dick smith that his drama was rich with false intuition over his the favoured driver - Nature Mr Smith does keep on growing ( we are going to grow so much more carbon that we are going to have to bury it !) 
Key optimistic direction questions were being ignored because the chief fearmongers Bob and Tim can't cope with the real eco  issues. Naturally they can cope with a simple argument based on nature - who doesn't among all those who help drive this stupid prejudiced preoccupation about population. 
Bob and Tim would clearly  bog us down in bureaucracy .Who would vote for such stupid panic merchants and even changing agenda speculators  ? 
Who did not notice that  the famous chameleon Bob changed direction when that the thoughtful Perera reminded the audience they had completely lost heart on this issue .
 From saying the population issue was urgent, he went to the population issue could best be planned . Bob would say anything to get a few more votes ? So much for nailing the greens down in the real world ! 

Monday, August 09, 2010

Qanda should be worried

 Tweets are more interesting than the feeds to the screen . If the ABC were serious the bottom of the screen would be seen - not in line with what the producers prefer .What did we think of julia ? Here