Tuesday, September 07, 2010

If only the ABC was really independent

People like Katter wouldn't have to wait for decades to be heard . Would he be right to get everything he wants ? Probably not , but to blast him as though everything he does/ requests  in this period will be to demonstrate that reporters control the ABC and not those who would seek to represent the people - as he does .  

Look how well those 3 have focused first on the parliamentary problems - what Australian won't celebrate that in history ?.The softies in both parties will be mad that they can't work together well enough to achieve that  , but our ABC is not reporting that !
The coverage of the Vic Premier saying how wonderfully well the emergency services were working on the floods ( so soon after they whitewashed their incompetence over the fires ) and reporters reporting themselves ( and not the people - the Wimmera river won't create any unusual problems yet they tell us that !) was the most blatant bit of ho hum dum dum I' ve seen in years.