Sunday, February 20, 2011

Life's big questions --- a good start Scott

Scott Stephens has started something that is very welcome with Matt and hopefully his next guests (Compass 20th Feb ).Without adding to the rhetoric , Scott presents the points well enabling both guest and audience to fully participate .

So how big are the questions and how good are the answers ? 
Going on the lack of depth in the answers , the questions were really big . Great because this means there is room for more questions . Great that Matt and others are willing to be so honest because so much public discourse seems to avoid these questions ( saying as they have done for decades that such questions are" irrelevant "- certainly aren't irrelevant to very young and the aged - just not politically correct to ask them.

On another level (of  real world question stuff) its interesting that some much public good by governments in our day is about "trying to answer questions that anyone with a bit of common sense would know the answer to ".
Maybe Scott might like to ask his guests whether we have really lost common sense and even a sense of balance over science ( why don't people believe that Co2 production is a disaster  )  and faith and few wounds and running sores.
Can govts really replace a lack of common sense with ads and warnings? Like many I find such advice trite and insulting. Maybe we as a civilization are a civilization that 's only interested in answering questions that any reasonable thinking person can answer because there were very few " answers ".
No person reading this should support the projection problem all around us where we tell others how to solve their problems . When it comes to the critical optimism and pessimism  issues we need more of this world view discusion to actually move away from the morass of " things we have heard before ".