Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A desperate Labor gamble with no help from the ABC

I will start taking the ABC ( and its partners on the left ) seriously on science when they take themselves seriously on the subject - and allow scientists to run proper panels on the subject --esp of what polys think is science (not a gambling man but it might be up there with brilliance in business).
In a week when everyone in Australia is confused by polys playing football promoting their own tax level to solve the biggest crisis on earth , who does 730, Lateline and put on to be convincing , fault prone Flannery and Brandt - another bunch of polys or paid up adherents  .
No wonder Karl Bitar is jumping ship -a good reason to tax us more can only look/win  that way while the proponents sound credible.
Labor is not credible about much and certainly not science. But where,  like the much over venerated CSIRO is the ABC when you need them to call up authors on science /science practice? 

Friday, May 06, 2011

Living in the past and tied to a post

Mark Scott, ABC TV producers and Film Australia do not get it --do they - they have been funding home grown indulgence and tragedy ridden, conflict avoidance and  dumbing down stuff for decades .Go visit some real worlds .
 The children are in charge because the adults haven't grown up and got some guts ( esp in thinking about true toughness) . The 4 corners program and revisit to  arakun ( try revisiting Margaret Meads samoan girls sometime? ) and ABC2 ( the day the immigrants left ) says it all - I am so glad the original Australains are showing us the way. But then will the ABC follow up with some insightful questions  ?

We allow children to do what they feel like at their peril!  Get real you lot.  Angry boys get drunk and beat up and get beat up- Dead head and dead end stuff .  You won't stop bullying by role playing and mummy boys stuff ,  but by teaching children to grow up and respect the roles of those there to train them in the tough decisions of life