Monday, June 20, 2011

GenY is trying to break out

qanda tonight .
Did you notice the young geek who dared to speak heresy in church last night - couldn't close him down even with an angry boy. (" don't look at me" the blessed saint of ABC gen Y said)
In the occasional glimpses of straight talking that can happen when you have an audience that talks back, gen Y showed what they think of the baby boomers whose lack of moral moorings is covered up by empty emotional niceties .Tony treading so lightly!
Adults now move, not the left, like they like to think , but to mere emotion; their children are smart enough  to move to the right because such superficiality is so pathetic.
As usual it was a child who put the adults straight about what science and truth telling is all about,

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Qanda falls into another big hole of irrelevance

Whtya expect when the polys dominate on Tony's carefully crafted collection . Go nowhere and stay stuck in popular prejudice and ignorance ( middle ground)
No bigger hole was dug than when Tony Jones tries to use a clip of Tony Abbott to prove his pathetic pedantry and less obvious ignorance in economic and intellectual matters  .
Yes, Tony Abbott did talk about a carbon tax; but he wasn't like Jones,  making a pedanticly pathetic point. Abbott was making a relevant point about relevant taxes like fuel taxes .  Abbott  talked about it as a progressive tax (* targeted ) not like the original sin for which we must pay penance --- the silly ABCchurch view .
Me thinks the greatest evil is being done in the name of the best intention - no new tax could be sold,  unless you had a great big excuse for it .  Guilt brings people together ,  ....but not necessarily for good .Penance and pedantry is always a poor substitute for precision in decision.