Saturday, November 26, 2011

15 minutes of fame

While I really welcome another news source ( ABC24) , esp arts etc, . its very frustrating as a resilience planner to watch sensitive matters of environment risk and impact  being handled quickly in 15 minutes. In order to build a more sound response to the NET and the need for fuller discussions,  I hope ABC (inc radio ) add more URL'S to their reports as a matter of course 

 Many recent short circuit news grabs make serious errors and presumptions -eg  reasons for the bushfire in WA ( some of the reports on Fires , 
floods ( Bangkok QLD) are misleading and one sided talk. Better in 15 minutes to identify and promote local sources and reports from people ( incl net) . "ABC quarters " and others in abc24 should be counselled to report LOCALS, name URL sources locally  and resilience experts to avoid quick fix journalism and editorializing that is so common elsewhere .
That way they can be ahead of the game and capture
 the AUDIENCE desire for both  quickfix with quickfollowup as well. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Finally ABCTV lets us hear from experts on the Green Economy

Well done Ullman
The experts on the program on ABC3 tonight ( green economy-future forum) quietly reminded thinking Australians why a price on carbon is as popular as it clearly is ( Its just so simple!)  .
Most importantly they said that,generalized innoculation type carbon taxes are wrong because they don't target inefficency and because new energy demand competes directly with agriculture and the poor.
SO  the dummies are targeting the poor and vulnerable .

The greatest evil is often done in the name of the best intention.Time the Fabians read their own heroes (.GB Shaw )more closely.