Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Governments are not just there to pick up the pieces

Thought  ABC lateline and guest( Rob) on 29th did a good job of teasing out some of the myths and false expecetations being too easily  translated into dependandancy by the press . This is not to ignore the needs of people affected by very rare events  but to properly apportion blame when there is loss with floods ( ofrFire ) . Unfortunately Rob from the Insurance industry , while giving a needed call that risk taking will cost YOU is not a geomorph engineer and mitigation concepts are too often a culdesac with more casualties . Infact a brief review will show that levees all around the wolrd are ADDing to the disaster elements and with silattaion associated with floods ARE not commonly solutions .

 Forewarned is forearmed - our weak leaders need to get indepenendent advice and say NO sometimes.