Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mad as Hell Breaks new ground

And about time
Just had an argument with someone who thinks the economic system and its biggest players ( Rupert Murdoch ) are the problem . The free market can easily be corrupted and is , but so is the mechanism of governance .  My point is one only a few people ever make , ever ( whatever their power) the point is psychologist Jung's point ( see below) .You can't fully deal with the disease unless you you fully face the disease. (YHIFOB)
Too many are so busy building (the right) or blaming the structures ( the left) , that they forget the problem is only ever deeply "man".
I am not saying corporations naturally do the right thing( that would be too easy) or for that matter , the wrong thing (that too would be too easy)
 I hate the way Coles are screwing OUR milk producers at the moment;  price setting is real . I hate the way The IPA come across all knowing and all believing in the Free Market -

 We can all spend our time touting at big business . I for one think like Jung said the real problem is not something man creates , so much , as as man himself - his unwillingness to follow through , the shareholder thing ???. For example Labors big handicap is sitting,  like a cancer or a big chip.. on its shoulder( saying "only government can do right!") ; "The Fabian ideas" which drive it are a huge burden on our cultures freedom and productivity (   If we believe that heads of corporations can't address big government , the direction and desperation of taxation" answers"  ,and the growing dangers from shareholders indifference to it all  ) Did anyone else find something to think about in what Rupert said this week in the NY post and under the IPA badge ?

What has all this got to do with " Mad as Hell" ? ABCTV Wednesdays
I just love , for one thing , the way he uses really young innocent people to do the reporting ( like our very own IPA man). We are such as innocent lot !!
There is too much good stuffing in the show to describe it all here. Good therapy ,the truth, parody and questions . By being a good observer Micallef brings the participant , the observer and the questioner back into their proper place in the cosmic dramas.