Tuesday, April 08, 2014

How rich are we really ?

There is always something good on the ABC. But ,when the journos are looking in the wrong places for news, it's inevitable they become stale, slow and irrelevant . Three shows that come readily to mind are The Book club , The Movie show , Q&A( -specifically as it dropped all to worship at the halls of moving targets in Shanghi last night ) and all the TV current affairs .
 I don't really know fully how or why they are becoming increasingly stale, but one reason is clearly that are pretending . ;They think they are chasing the new,  but really they are working the same old merry go rounds that keep them away from the leading edge ( The movie show is perfect for those oldies who only want to see what they wanna see  Marg and David won't venture onto the question of evil which is on many leading filmakers minds - maker of Noah  ) . The Book club similarly would never venture there but is perfect for those who seek the new in the vain hope of leaving the past behind . Even "One to One" which has the right idea ( conversation) (but like so many) they ask dumb and blunt questions. Its like rounding up sheep with a dog that can't bark or bight.

Where is the leading edge in Australia ? The need to give our children the inspiration to marry save use their eduction and build homes--- for one thing  ( Between Alan Kohler and the host of half baked eco reporters you would think they knew something about wealth. But no they talk of "how much we are worth " yes we have lots of money( we oldies ) but its not all in bricks and mortar .
Our children are not being educated and not going to get careers like we did as a result of our parents foresight into bigger picture ecomia  ; They had and rightly  celebrated determination and focus( they saved rather than celebrated how much there homes were worth) whereas what do we celebrate?   Do we not celebrate  dissipation ,careless talk of democracy( Tony was warned several times by the Chinese who are rightly sick of the Wests shallow preoccupation with their idea of numbers and mere talking( =democracy?  how dumb! -

The world is not waiting for democracy ( esp the idea inherent in Jones and abcchurch)- maybe it is waiting for strong leadership?(or even likes it) This shallow concept of democracy where every one has a say and niceness (" aren't we a friendly country "Q&A last night ) is the theme .Oh dear !Aussies are the innocents - anyone looking outside in will tell you that !

.The Parties are so dumb ignorant careless and hypocritical on this that they all talk of jobs - not careers. Anyone watching would think we we were on a  treadmill .

The proverb says it well ( Prov. 4:7 ) Pay the price for real wisdom - it worth everything . It's what makes one really rich......Commonwealth rich