Thursday, October 09, 2014

Les Murray models how to report mental health issues

Les showed that rural pressures create great risks and that's a consensus issue .

Because the  Greens and major parties never study anything properly and haven't supported an objective research program they simply don't know what to do beyond that .

The danger is, though,that they will fall for any amount of new unproductive research.

Firstly they need to know who are participants and observers in this debate ,,,and then dismiss the outsiders .
 The outsiders and name callers , for example,   talk about resilience when they wouldn't know what a resilient ecosystem looked like . As said at start they create and perpetuate fear as a result of fear . Spinoza rightly said that fear is a companion of hope,so finding its right place is important ; These distant  "would be doctors" will never know that - The ABC wouldn't even listen to them so much if they chased the right people  RN .ie Bush telegraph .
Thankfully Les  knows that,  unlike the fearful kids whose minds weare contaminating with a glass half empty view of the world.. You can breed an alcoholic in the city just as easily as you breed one trying to grow grass. The grass grows in each paddock and no simple equation will tell you why one famaily thrives in poverty and abundance while another dives - attitude has a lot to do with it . Not so much nature and not so much " talking positively - a uniquely unsustainable approach cultivated by those on the drip fed from the taxpayer ) .  What the farm will tell you each year , though if you stick with it is that sun and rain will come again forgiving the past and making a new start;  not only possible but often highly productive to boot .Comes and goes like positive and negative , anger and joy , mental stress and mental relief . Maybe it isn't a an illness as the specialist on Q&A said.

Let noone say the natural world is limited without saying at the same time its most limited by the minds of men . I have published on this issue as a professional environmental risk assessor.

Recommendations to the ABC 
--Was great that the ABC have got this right --- they need to get out of the way and let people talk
--The ABC and the Project are great at finding problems to talk about but they are really shit at offering solutions .Too many reporters like the thrill of naming them instead of linking. The Project is much better at it than the ABc and that's saying something  . As I said to Jon Feine over ten years ago with his listeners;link  us to each other  and then you wouldn't create so much unresolved mental stress ( creates it by playing with the subject like Tony Jones does )
-- Programs like Bush telegraph need people with real experience and understanding of rural people . Its easy to feed lollies  when mental issues require you to be aware of the medicine even if you aren't the ones to apply it - you might even invite guests like Les who hold a balance that really helps and don't dissect the person into a million broken pieces ( the legacy of those who practice at the school of mere description )  

Mental as - an example : the poor professionals suffering in the Utopia ABC series

In a paradox of huge proportions Working Dog and the ABC have managed to help us keep sane . Like our partners they seem to show the best and the worst of us .The worst kind of wolves are those who never let us tell the whole truth ; those whose faith is in speculating and technology alone ; Those who insist we talk positive without a break . As Chestereton said so well nearly  100 years ago , the maniacs who fly the flag of the world - even when the war is on .

What grand therapy and grand tragedy is Utopia ABC . They didn't research the problem they reported it -- good work --which is really mostly what we want the ABC to do.

The government have got no idea that the reason they have such a incipid lot of advisers on some complex matters is because they have cultivated the view that "their job is simple "and and therefore any simple idiot can do it .

Well done Working Dog

- only thing is  -- its easy to see a problem and even easier for some smart arses to rush in and offer " answers" .
Much more important now for the ABC to help build a road back to planning for environmentally sustainability .It will be hard work but the best work for a generation of young people who need something hard to do .

Must not be negative on the ABC - even when talking about suicide on Katters watch

 We know the crowd at the hungry games on Monday night are not ( mostly) there for solutions,  but to see someone eat someone  (You heard it first on blogger)  .It seems to me most of Australia missed the point Bob  tried to make ( that you don't get it - we do something great for nothing and you don't care that we don't get paid!: your religion in the "market and dog eat dog determinism"  is an- only increases mental illness to have people tell you your problems !) ; The demented won't care . Nice but toxically sentimental of you to raise all this money ,  but you probably only repeat the mistakes of past,  just as the mentalas week will probably only end up with a list of projects to keep the bureau distracted for another decade . I hope listeners heard him say -  do you no good to hope there ( a realist)  like the dummies who chant lifeline aren't being ( " accuracy" was the word..
No where is this more obvious mate than in the way the worry warriors  let themselves get all tied up in knots about the risks out here . Because they never work closely and objectively with nature they never get to know the enemy well enough;   ( death cycles for eg) to live with its limits and love it  .  "Living with the enemy "program is good enough to be on ABC in an extended changed reality participants format)  . Naturally that means when they see a danger , they panic and put the kibosh on things they fear .They bring the cult of toxic sentimentality which has enveloped them in their quickfix visit to the country  
This wouldn't be a problem if they didn't interfere both with our minds and the public s , but in 2014 they legislate about all these risks, when they don't even know them . 
Good jobs in environmental planning are being ignored because the polys do not know what they are doing in this highly complex area.
They may even let themselves think Bob Katter is some negative old bastard who misses not being the Premiers best man. "99% of people in Australia have no reason to whinge ,  so why should we listen to 1%.-- even in mental health week ". This is of course is quite logically ( they love logic at the ABC missing out on the joy of a satisfactory world view faith that works )  a problem with the ABC idea - if you make 99% of the people feel worse this week,  you won't have achieved the purpose of the week, so why do it ?   ( A because to know it is to help it -- sorry i do not accept that WV ; to be told it is to ignore it is my WV expectation )