Thursday, December 11, 2014

Control agents and Chameleons

I don't watch or listen as much to the ABC as I used to. It will go into history in denial of history ( current era ) Its hope in an evolved understanding proving more vain by the day . ABC showing a degree of fanaticism so high that its clearly  evident to casual observers ; the current game plans showing a  diminishing role in real info age learning.  
The left have no where to go but to stick with the drip feed of the tricked taxpayer who if he thinks about it - wants better.

Like political parties, they talk of education revolution unaware just how badly and carelessly they are  part of the degradation of a sound education  pedagogy. Just how little balance there is there . Young people get nothing but the stupid anachronistic rage of the war against everything that is the style sheet on which they write. Worse, Rage gives in  to the idea that what kids want,  they need - really productive parenting
 Once you realize there is no such thing as an independent author,  but that we should be hearing many more authors you can only switch off those who think it their job to act as gatekeepers - the many overrated hosts of programs on the ABC.

Worse ABC's licence to be the best at full stories denied by short unresearched and a very limited number of authors being on air . SBS by contrast outclass ABC completely in education (Anton and Jenny just 2 examples)

Paradoxically the story telling neglect is being picked up by Phillip Adams today .

So the Bible is the best read of 2014 , according to ABC's" leading intellectual" Phillip Adams . For someone who has spent his whole life hoping that these" fables and distracting fantasies "would die the death of most books like them, this takes some explaining What makes these books so special now, after all these years ?
I think he's just playing with us ( as he does ) .Just another chameleon chairing his own tale at our expense? The best part for those bored by these half baked rationalists and their  lengthy tirades of the overly rational too , the stories in the books by over 40 different authors generally stand alone as experience - take them as such or not; At least its not theory. And not just one bloke controlling the content like U get at the ABC .