Tuesday, March 31, 2015

ABC confuses information with entertainment

Q&A is entertainment  not information  , ABCTV  the only place the left can get a congregation together . The adherents don't have to pay and why do we put up with them getting prime time drip feeds into our homes ?

The terrible thing is that as Monday night shows , the program skips over serious stuff with the high priest trying to amuse us all when tragedy is in the air ( Labors dumb and sentimental non ground related ed policy , Ice outta control , Kids without real hope )

TOPS IN INFO  Information  -No . Too controlled , misleading and unauthorized -- Its too often in real learning terms a technocolor yawn ( as some of my drinking friends call it) -looks good but takes you nowhere . SBS and NITV can be better. They talk too much, listen too little ( Epstein 774 has the right idea recently )

TOPS IN ENTERTAINMENT ?Some great authors get a go there( Aus story , The Slap, Redfern now,Dr Blake) . , Much of their very good stuff comes from BBC and light entertainment like sport -- tell me who needs more Wall to wall Steven Fry telling us how much he knows?. Even good parody and satire they have lost sight of the art of. A bit of desperate talking -losing power and status ? 

THE POINTY END  As we go down with paper degrees worth less than the paper they are printed on , we need to recognize the ABC's role in dumbing down Australia. ABC management  don't even see that we degrade our society if we worship technology NOT science and proper study as so many do , amnu of their so called science programs do exactly that -- even their best ones . The real tough education revolution they avoid.

Tell me we are not "miners" under the ABC leadership !. . On science and study, they are into heroes( Brian on Q&A, ) trinkets and mining the idea of technology ( not science) shares( Alan Kohler ) 

On news related, they are living on the capital they haven't earned and losing it hand over fist with careless commentary instead of promoting true authorship .Bottom line -   unelected governance on the drip feed 
Its the only place the Left have where they can get a congregation together. Why do we suffer through their sameold sameold preaching teaching and sentimentality that doesn't work! .
Switchoff (FB) and /or keep them on track - as more and more thinking people are! Your children deserve better.