Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I thought the ABC had banished Evil........ like it has God

Moral inquiry and political activism start where reason is missing.    Sorry the ABC is not that clever ....yet

Many leaders in the ABC think we have overcome the difficulty of evil and good ,  meaning they are lost in their attempt to find peer reviewed proof of their own chosen authors rhetoric on these two items -They remain  behind the times despite 3 channels , a budget and a budget process to keep any political party in power  forever. How lucky for the left ; for believers who think God is smaller than their view of Him  

Still the right are none too tight either 
The right are hung up an the half truth of radicalization .Dig a bit deeper brothers !

I thought Tony Abbott was wrong this week to advocate not allowing people accused of fighting in a war back into our country . It seems to show not only that we don't know what to do to stop young people going ( true at a political level ) but that we think evil is in the person , not the idea . To miss the last point is to put the cart before the horse, miss the concept of redemption and remain totally behind the game in the war on terror. The West has lost its way because it doesn't seek to teach kids right and wrong; Our wonderful idealistic children are attracted to people who do.

Why are our idealistic children joining a movement that talks about right and wrong?  Answer;   because we don't . The ABC's program Rage stands as a tired old  tribute to its indifference to questions of morality . Its blatant evidence of the agencies capitulation to the child in our midst  Like so much abcchurch  it proclaims the gods spell that"all will be well if everyone does what they like"  , In modern times  its morphed into - and "we can speak evil condemnation of one person "despite the fact that ( its says No you can't in number 8 of 10) and ignore the subclause of mercy --- "it would be better if he changed his mind "as the really effective  gospel teaches us to do.
The majority of commentators  are missing the point . Young people want to be radical and rightly so . They are sick of the blunt and the blunted face of idealism in their parents world

Sneer if you like but the narrow optimistic pessimists in your organisation are being overcome by encirclement from the bigger picture people - making you irrelevant in the new world on internet info and access ,  Your preferred choices and ignorance is being recognized and your former stranglehold on information is being  circumvented  Your belated use of the words you sought to banish (good and bad) come from nowhere and often go nowhere   Great authors still talk to the tough tensions elsewhere .
Pity, because there are some good things on the ABC.