Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Depressing determinism

Got to hand it to Jennifer Byrne( Bookclub intro this week ) - her honesty is refreshing .
Why? The mood is one of , if not paranoia , depression? Someone has to say it - "we're stuck !" Depression is hard to admit, but if you are in a cul de sac , maybe just maybe , there is a way out ! Logically though , you have to acknowledge what signposts you were ignoring on the way in !!!

Like Emperor Julian , there are always those who think Plato and the old Greeks knew it all . "That those Christians are rejecting the rational in favour of .???? the truly unbelievable " .....some other time! Like a broken record -----prove what ? I do not care to prove everything !

The point is ---Its not very exciting for those of us who enjoy our daily speculation beyond the material, to see the Julian type Emperors at ABCchurch still thousands of years later grieving for a system of thinking that is not scientific but stultifying, circular and clearly stuck in the earths' own mud.
As One old Roman convert of the time put it when he started reading into the signposts - you know - point TO counterpoint is OK , even for a scientist, but its tiring and its not everything ---there is a great enjoyable space beyond such things !)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Totally Unconvincing

The most ridiculous thing about the ABC's over promotion of the grand agendas is that they don't realise, if SCIENTISTS were really seriuos about influencing any needed change debate - they most certainaly wouldn't do it in the same old ways that they have been led to do it by the new damnation and salvation sellers - for what is now 4 or so years?
The fearmongers haven't got it have they - a scientific way to be convincing!
The " new " whole long speech from london school of whatevers trick isn't working and just because the man has learnt a few things about the campaigns mistakes, doesn't mean he's not still making them . Calling greens black is careless talk too!. The science of education calls for consensus across the board ----dummies !

What does clive hamilton know about motivation? Giddens, when pushed by Sales about targets ,talked about schools - well; have we got time to wait for education campaigns in schools? - I thought we left teachers the task of teaching . Oh dear, what a mess ! Are we teaching science in schools ?

Lee Sales asked some good questions tonight, but they went absolutely nowhere because the ABC is not really interested in debate ( only the appearance of it ). Lee will wonder why clive hamilton got another guernsey when his own defence of the fear cul de sac is the same as all these salvation advocates have driven themsleves into . Just like Gore, giddens is trying to play the media game (get a new angle) .
The more Giddens spoke on yet another of the ABC's free to hot air ads, the more it was clear he wasn't ready to fight - Mr gore is right about one thing - you aren't convincing if you aren't convincing. You aren't serious or scientific if don't identify the enemy and the means of warfare . Giddens ended his puff of wind with a call to more patchwork - maybe he's more suited to craft work?

So yet another ABC lateline program dedicated to let the new saviours put their point of view - The idea that we need to change is Ok, but what absolution do we get from responding to this new gospel .Its not gospel perhaps?

Pity too ( if he was seriuos about science based extension solutions) that Giddens is not urgent about one critical method (accepted widely but not used_) ; a scientific way to address the cynics - have a debate .
Until the ABC do debate properly ( don't they realise journos are under threat?) the ABC heads too will be part of the problem rather than part of the solution to being convincing about difficult issues of resource use . Standing in the road of a bigger discussion .

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Spicks and specks

When you are on a good thing ( as S&S and rockwiz is), find out where the good bits come from- otherwise it tends to be inflated rhetoric from inside yourself ( ask anyone who knew the real Michael jackson.etc...)
The holey infatuation that went on last night ,spoils the spicks and specks that we try to enjoy. When Its often not much beyond fart jokes for adults ,its weak as piss and just as desperate. Alan brough's failure to agnowledge where his talent probably comes from, is my case in point.
The challenge too for "Thank God He's not there" will revolve around the same paradox about real entertainment and the dangers of soft sell.
Because guests on TGYH are clearly not warned about the dangers of promoting lifestyle choice under the guise of bottom line gags, the characterization is lost to cheap lifestyle gags and we wonder if adam hills is too seriuos about promoting something commonly sold cheap ( relationships and respect ) Such poor aim maybe currently popular but it won't last ( esp by those who use it) because its like the bloke you meet at a party who goes down to that level all the time - he's depserate to gain an audience and prove his funnyness.
I Don't mind an "in character sexual proccupation" , but the lack of head room in the innuedo departmnet was rather obvious amongst the leaders last night. Aim higher and we'll all be happier.