Friday, June 26, 2015

No Q&A doesn't deserve a complete serve BUT

 The public are in a fanatical mood and the Media are going to have to excel in their primary task of reporting (not commenting) if they are to retain audience and prove that they  too haven't been lighting fires they can't put out ; trusting their own judgement about what’s worth reporting . Mark Scott’s defence is sound and welcome  but time has come for a response that cuts into the dumb idea  of banishing evil. Time has come  for the many ageing reactionaries in the ABC to let younger less cynical and snide people report on matters of the heart - so that we don't all keep living the dream in a  “war with the world”  way.  And also making their own category control judgments ( eg religion is not reasonable , must only listen to peer  reviewed science/arguments -such controls limit us to the mundane .    Young people,  if you haven’t noticed,  aren't always as cynical an as categorical as we are . If they are lucky,  they might just ignore their peers and get married anyway.  Voltaire would hopefully see that all voices haven't been heard on ABC because the dominant old myth and heresy of banishment of evil has now returned. Worse its morphed into the new grand good gospel and its momentum is growing and will keep growing while we feed it . We Christians are expected to be banished for promoting religion when Neiman points out we are both working the same territory - "where reason is missing”. Banishment will not work . Both Jesus and Jung call it a product of denial—where reason goes missing for quite reasonable reasons; where reason goes missing because some broadcaster rules a discussion on faith to be out of order – beyond reason would you believe.    In blessing the present configuration and the narrow reason limits of our age ( don’t get me started – as a scientist I do not know what motivates;  those given freedom to choose  good or evil or justify their choice )  , Mark  fails to promote the vision that works and has worked to get us here ; ( let someone produce there own historical reviews )  the possibility of other programs that could grow and give better coverage of the open range  than quickfix Q&A .Rather than limiting the vision to Voltaire , methinks we all outta go out with Waugh and seek to give seeding to more creativity and licence on his three channels - that way our precious ABC  would not only be good , but would have many,  many more scoops to be proud of.

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