Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tony just doesn't get it . The disease is widespread at the ABC

Professor John Passmore, in a series of Boyer lectures in the 1980's pointed out something the dumbing down class at the ABC still don't get . "Politicians don't really know the answers to complex problems but they are afraid to admit it".   .
The ABC not only don't know the answers or the reason asking "why"is no guarantee of any decent A's  but they don't often even know who to ask .   Australian story is an exception . The excellent report on 7:30 re sports and physical  science ambitions last night exceptional also .-- outside authors featured.

The Islamic chaplain knew it was complex but no
one else took the brief- answers have to be short and sweet at the ABC . Bandt was at home with that -- "more money from government will fix everything and ......by they way - ban chaplains - they propagate ideas "( not his ideas on what to say to young people -- noticably ABSENT  . Mark Scott lets the stupid "moving on" excuse cover for complete incompetence and carelessness year after year .titillation amidst desperation--  that's our ABC.

Weeks after some rare good QandA  Tony Jones is back to his very old  bad old habit of asking dumb old "How2 " questions of politicians and the politically correct .( es not the only one to play circle games with that lead in )  There isn't a poorer class of "how to do things" in the country, He's wasted years talking to polys about science and practice - no wonder its circle and circus time at the Colosseum after a weekend of real competition on the field
The game is not about problem solving , its about entertainment- poking and prodding with pain as currency..  ABCchurch

The first person in the audience  asks a great question about "whether there is anything in the teachings of Islam  that justifies violence " . The idea is on every Australians lips,  but not on the ABC's - were too nice ere .
Hate to offend anyone -- that would be to sin badly in their church

The question was never answered and noone dared ask it again or challenge the answer given about peace .
Peace  and peace loving can be really dangerous - a surface thing.  There is no peace in anyone's household unless you all speak the truth . Peace at subservience price is what is offered under ISIS .

Jesus set the scene for the West by saying clearly --"he did not come to bring peace,  but a sword" .Truth must triumph in a comfort zone science rules world.
If you are going to let a simple virtue run riot  like peace or equality you are going to end up with people rnnning everywhere with swords and everyone else shit scared to say - hang in this is too simple and its not working   The unintended consequential activists  are using one  good intention principle thing as a excuse  for great evil .
Peace in our time .  Chamberlain, Shaw , ........PM's of many times and places .

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