Saturday, February 13, 2016

Objectionable ABC - Marks Scotts legacy

Mark Scott will leave the ABCTV with what ?
  1. A lot of reporters whose snide and snickering stuff is evident to those outside, but not to those inside the hive . Not all reporters thankfully;   A few  can have fun with images without trying to hang them permanently on particular people.  You know who you are,
  2. A lot of inexperienced ( real life)( self referencing bunch of same same old script writers who with Film Vic etc are funding their own limited world views and experiences ,( makes them awfully dull and predictable - eg on radicalization and how it happens )

     Just quietly destroying the opportunity for really creative script writers and techs to give all our good actors a place in history .    
  3. Do some training or get some disciplined reporters esp on your news presented friendly
    -Richard Davies this morning used the expression "ridiculous comment ": this morning in his long interview with a reporter reporting on a report about a report about some hard done by lot . The tears weren't flowing , but the victim sympathy stuff was showing and almost glowing  , The fact that our ABC spent several minutes trying to read the entrails of a captured cat was not the worst piece of incompetence in the piece . As if we don't know that we are to stand up and clap whenever some sex group is  found to be hard done back . Get real-- playing up to " poor victim "is for those lost in the  toxic cult of sentimentality.
  4. Stay distant and objective Get some training or get some experienced older reporters to lead , N ews delivered friendly is dangerous because you can show your preference s so easily  .More  Kerry O Brien and avoid controversial guests on the couch - you ain't that good that you can nail them.
    I can just see you with Trump on the couch. You are not that good , Yes you ask dumb questions . If you thought about it you would know that you get smart answers back . they win we lose . 
  5. Incompetence in interviewing . There are no dumb question just as Richard Davies has no right to label any comments as "ridiculous" = tacit support for the cause  . If someone says something that doesn't make sense, respond with a correction or a question or nothing ( let the author speak and shut up yourself )  .No second hand diversions however popular you think they may be.   Some of your reporters do not take their  responsibilities seriously ( If you want to deal with controversial news , direct it elsewhere.  The Project are ahead of you on that because they cover  more with less and link into internet more effectively ) 
  6. The age and cynicism of your leadership is showing . Try to leave it at home ; that way your leadership stays relaxed ( if innocuous about controversial news )  Wars on everything and constant cynicism  we need like a vacation in hell . 
  7. By trying  to be popular , you are alienating thinking people and becoming irrelevant- we get our news elsewhere , 
  8. Content is skewed and predictable -------replace the offending producers!  Its been same for years esp on weekends
    -- telling us someone is going to trial is NOT news nor should it be if its the same case that was on last week
    -- We are constantly hearing about so called sex crimes by same old same old significant others , This is not " Its not me , its them "show - clearly you don't know the wise audience question on this "takes one to know one?  "Gotcha 
  9.  If I hear another sad story about a member of the Christian church going wrong I'll switch off permanently ( i am switching off a lot )There are lots of great consistent people in there and they are sick of the bleating bellowing and preaching from the abc pulpit - esp at our expense Not much talk of the Islamist school who spent money really badly recently
  10. Deterministic rationalists who love science but don't know it and its limits -  employ experienced scientists who know the edges ; And run your own church like all other people have to  
  11. Book club is symbolic - great idea but same leaders for eons and you have your own recipe for ho hum skew and predictability - we know you try to be innovative. but you set the scene SOSO
  12.  All comes down to an era of eating up the good capital of the organisations once much higher reputation and a  drift of the thinking audience to other sources like net and dare i say it news done differently.     
  13. Producers must be accountable for WHO they put on

    eg  JOYCE 
    Take the way they treat Politicians they don't like People like Chris Uhlmann fill up their intros with innuendo and unacceptable imagery, but not all do Barnaby Joyces sometimes brilliant but sometimes wacky analogies need no extras
    Time has come for ABC management to grow up , rid itself of wasps, sentimentalists, reactionaries. and Stop warring against everything from the past , Let those like Einstein, who see one hundred years ahead of time , have a voice.
    Voice s , not of speculation but competence and experience  Unlike the reporters who are more interested in the ethereal doctrines of " how it will go down, " Barnaby is a straight shooter who we trust will take advice which puts him in the top ten . ABC is only getting better for the dead end Machiavellians and their strange end games Thank and Praise God , Barnabys not a Trump - a trumped up parrot ; that popular person who often leads the sheep in any culture. Barnaby's desperately needed to provide some balance and he will not be afraid to speak up even when its not popular - who else does that ? you didn't like his comments about where Labor is at the moment - we did !
    The focus of the media on the peculiar bits is desperate, pathetic and wrong . The explanation of the 8th commandment says in relation to talking about others in public (witness)- put the best construction on everything.if anyone should be hung out to dry its the reporters and their constant slurring and snide . The reality is the holy communion inside love to think they care about the environment but they have yet to show ( in programming punch-- Landline is NOT enough- its written to put positive spin on everything )they respect those who do .

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journeymanj said...

yes send Richard Davies to teach the "PICK THE victim class" to know how pathetic this all is. Even kids know to "get a life". Sticks and stones will break my bones, but his kind are just pathetic.