Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Towards a more realistic view of politics- Go girls

Annabelle Crabbe's view of politicians comes as close as any I know to one of realism ."They are mad"  she rightly says to Julia in their most welcome frame of "home" visits.
If we too are not to go mad , we need some relief from their  madness - but how , when most of the ABC take them so seriously ?  
I can see both of them running the old "coming out show" - feisty is good if it brings out better , feisty is at least a way of upsetting the PC ,  get beyond the crap. To be practical NOT political 

Q and A is so symbolic of this PC stupidity - why would  we get answers from polys ?
The reality is that as our forefathers knew, nothing is as it seems on the surface. If you are not to drown in the shit ,you need a way to stay on top of it,  To know where to find a good story - and avoid  the drowning cynicism of those who don't sort out the evil elements. The faith that the left or the right really know what they are doing is a false faith !
 Its taken a while for ABC to realize that Australian story, Back roads  One 2 one and these Home visit frames should have been used for years to give viewers  a solid view away from the pathetic simplicity of the political world .
The country is a different culture and little has been done to break through and understand it - Does anyone really want to know that there are people out there who are happy living with less and living with the disciplines of real risk management.
The same is true of the important subcultures of church, business, health and real planning and environment care. The very real drama and resolution that's out there has been largely ignored.

If ABC employed more people who were actually interested in people ( like those 2) the deeper drama of conflicts in the above area we would have much more that is worthwatching  on TV
The ABC could have had by now the bones for good drama based on real contests ; a much needed real life view that would have outclassed and out sold the equally out of touch  Crawford house productions .
 Great that the ABC has uncovered a few like M&S , Utopia , The Slap , Frontline ,

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